Synonyms for Compensation:


development, makeover, boost, turnaround, upswing, improvement, a change for the better/worse, self-improvement, leap, step change. advance, down payment, emolument, payback, contribution. indemnity, setoff, indemnification, rise, substitute, living, starvation wages, quittance, minimum wage, performance-related pay. atonement (noun)
redemption, retribution, Recompensation, satisfaction, reparation, penance.
bribe (noun)
compensation (noun)
correction, offset, counteraction, recompense.
compromise (noun)
mediation, concession, appeasement, settlement, reconciliation, allowance, adjustment, compromise, halfway point, accommodation, middle course.
indemnity (noun)
pay (noun)
paying back (noun)
payment (noun)
installment, fee, emolument, reckoning, payroll, discharge, disbursement, expenditure, repayment, bankroll, salary.
receipt (noun)
dividend, credit, income, revenue, gross, net, earnings, receipt, profit, endowment, gate, return.
recompense (noun)
remuneration (noun)
commission, counterbalance, benefit, indemnity, indemnification, meed, deserts, coverage, remittance, kickback, advantage, defrayal, remittal, counterclaim, damages, Recoupment, equivalent price, reciprocity, return for services, quittance, gain, premium.
repayment; rectification (noun)
fee, coverage, Recoupment, reward, reckoning, benefit, profit, reimbursement, honorarium, remittance, stipend, indemnification, damages, remittal, redress, wage, premium, reciprocity, deserts, bonus, remuneration, counterclaim, recompense, reparation, salary, amends, defrayal, payment, satisfaction, settlement, indemnity, earnings, atonement, restitution, consideration, allowance, quittance, advantage, gain.
restitution (noun)
reimbursement, refund, rectification, remuneration, remedy, offsetting, atonement, redress, restitution, amends, Squaring.
reward (noun)
incentive, stimulation, prize, carrot, grant, temptation, inducement, allotment, tip, plum, sweetener, bonus, lure, gratuity, wages, stipend, bounty, wage, enticement, reward, sweepstakes, payment, gift, consideration, honorarium, treat, award, tribute.

Other synonyms:

deserts, indemnity, setoff, quittance, indemnification, damages.

Usage examples for compensation

  1. He was one of those extraordinary artists whose art grows and increases with time and, by some law of compensation comes more and more to take the place of mere voice. – Memoirs of an American Prima Donna by Clara Louise Kellogg