Synonyms for Shoot:


boll, anther, explode, expel, blade, ignite, bud, bract, beanstalk, open fire, bulb, torpedo, aerial root, set off, bur, rake. hook, dribble, kick, pass, cross, play, strike at, hurry, spurt, rush. angling, execute, capture, blood sports, bait, bag, big game, bite. cutaway, cut, direction, dub, animation, hunt, dub over, cutting room, dub out, dub in. arm, brandish, question, duel, solicit, defuse, deploy, armorer, detonation, armed, request, armament, draw. gallop, surge, plug, be quick on your feet, help, gun, outpace, pick off. project, loose, take down, spray, strafe, blow someone's brains out, blow away. darn, brother, for heaven's sake/sakes, for pity's sake, action, give me a break, what's the big idea?, for crying out loud, what's that supposed to mean?, give me strength. trot, speed, nip, rip, rocket, fix, bustle, barrel, whirl, bucket, scour, come out, bolt, sail, zip, race, haste, wing, expose, pap, hustle, whiz, fly, hotfoot, zoom, run, highball, festinate, whisk, pelt, compose, blow up, sprint, focus. go on, come-on, I wish, want, (do you) understand?, don't hesitate to do something, someone would be well advised to do something, go for it, be to do something, skim, float. cast, toss, strain, thrust aside, jar, jab, shoulder, shy. contest, enter, value, ride, shoot full of holes, face, meet, discredit, puncture, deflate, knock the bottom out of, debunk, represent. fight, cover, discharge, fire off, let off, open up. abuse, o.d., mainline, DO, drop, come down, jack up, lace. sneak up, gather pace, drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, take/catch someone by surprise, supervene, spring, turn up, present itself. pop, zap, slide. bough (noun)
branch (noun)
spray, wing.
golf (noun)
birdie, ace, bunker, bogey, bogie, backswing, caddy.
shoot (noun)
dissipate, fool away, pip, fool, germinate, bourgeon, tear, pullulate, fritter away, inject, sprout, film, burgeon forth, frivol away, charge, spud, take, shoot down, fritter, buck.


bag (verb)
capture, take, hook.
boast (verb)
bud (verb)
competition (verb)
motivate (verb)
goad, launch, motivate, nudge, provoke, hurl, sling, jostle, shove, ram, stimulate, encourage, ferment, trigger, jerk, prod, poke, fire, prompt, impel, instigate, propel, knock, inspire, strike, bump, force, drive, foment, hurtle, magnetize, heave, move, induce, jog, jolt, throw, push, thrust, hasten, pitch, punch, catapult, entice, fling, urge, lob, energize.
shoot (verb)
tear, ignite, catapult, project, pass, hurl, propel, open up, trigger, spring, speed, explode, plug, run, fling, launch, loose, set off, gun, expel, fly, execute, whisk, spurt, whiz, hurry, fire, open fire, rush, hurtle, torpedo, gallop, hotfoot, zap, pick off, charge, race, bolt.

Other synonyms:

festinate, supervene, strafe. dribble, blade, whisk, highball, rocket, rush, zoom, sneak up, hotfoot, gun, bustle. rip, rake, toss, sail, sprint. float, bucket, whiz, kick, spray. haste, cross, hustle, hook, hurry, whirl, nip. bolt, skim, want, fly. cast, run, play. come-on, turn up, plug. pass. go on. discharge
set off.
send off
shoot down.
pick off.
open fire.
Other relevant words:
hurry, speed, run, project, bolt, discharge, sprout, race, rush, scour, tear, fire off, cast, sail, fly.

Usage examples for shoot

  1. Why did he shoot her? – The Pastor's Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. Don't shoot might hurt me. – The World Peril of 1910 by George Griffith
  3. I don't know how not to- If I don't get her, I shall shoot myself. – The Dark Flower by John Galsworthy