Synonyms for Grass:


green (adjective)


turf, prairie, betel, green, meadow, bluegrass, greensward, yard, lawn, agave, field, aspidistra, bindweed, bracken, belladonna, bottom, sward, aloe, barley, hayfield, bamboo, grassland. bleachers, court, boo, bowl, the box, drug, crease, clay, the bench, Astroturf, baseline, alley, hemp. bean, neglect, alpine, cactus, bush, bedding plant, clone, climber, cereal, be lazy, annual, brassica. foamy, furry, gilt, gift-wrapped, frothy, gilded, gold-plated, armor-plated, Cobbled. stool pigeon, dog, mole, sneak, informer, nark, bigmouth, informant. feed (noun)
pasturage, barley.
grass (noun)
eatage, pasture, skunk, gage, marihuana, betray, forage, snitch, grass over, sess, marijuana, shop, Gunter Grass, Gunter Wilhelm Grass, give away, cannabis, sens, stag, weed, peach, Mary Jane, tell on, pasturage, smoke, ganja, cannabis sativa, rat, denounce.
green (noun)
lawn (noun)
pasture, turf, meadow, barley.
person (noun)
Gunter Grass, Gunter Wilhelm Grass.
vegetation (noun)
flora, fruit, flower, legume, tree, grain, vegetable, fungus, vegetation, algae, weed, wort, shrub, fern, moss, vine, herb, plant.

Other synonyms:

frothy, gift-wrapped, armor-plated, stool pigeon, lawn, informant, bigmouth, Cobbled, yard, gold-plated, foamy, informer. gilt, sneak, gilded. furry. mole. dog. turf
Other relevant words:
aspidistra, cactus, hemp, bamboo, snitch, belladonna, forage, marihuana, cannabis, sens, smoke, pasture, denounce, eatage, sward, climber, clone, aloe, crease, barley, brassica, betel, stag, peach, bush, bleachers, bean, furry, informant, bigmouth, pasturage, bluegrass, Astroturf, gilt, betray, green, bindweed, meadow, bracken, hayfield, prairie, field, bowl, Cobbled, grassland, mole, rat, foamy, ganja, marijuana, neglect, lawn, dog, Mary Jane, cereal, sneak, turf, skunk, annual, Gunter Grass, gift-wrapped, gilded, alpine, tell on, cannabis sativa, baseline, alley, frothy, greensward, armor-plated, Gunter Wilhelm Grass, bottom, clay, grass over, gage, drug, nark, agave, court, shop, gold-plated, yard, informer, give away, boo, sess.

Usage examples for grass

  1. I like to walk around in it when the grass grows long. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. Some of the soldiers pulled grass and made beds to sleep on the side of the streets. – A Soldier in the Philippines by Needom N. Freeman
  3. I fell down on my knees in the wet grass and held up my hands to the sky. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming