Synonyms for Buck:


boar, deer, bull, cockerel, stag, goat, dog, Billy Goat, bullock, alpha male. challenge, dispute, coinage, copper, support, resist, oppose, banknote, contest, traverse. bite, gore, bristle, claw, cast, beach, burrow, frisk. boy wonder, young man, family man, macho-man. fiver, five-spot, the gray dollar, grand, fin, c-note, five, the grey pound, greenback. artifact (noun)
vaulting horse, long horse.
buck (noun)
dollar, tear, protrusive, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, horse, bucked, long horse, dollar bill, jerk, one dollar bill, pearl buck, sawhorse, hitch, subordinate, go against, shoot, clam, vaulting horse, charge, shoot down, sawbuck, low-level.
male animal (noun)
stag, bull.
man (noun)
fellow, gent, manhood, boy, masculinity, male, gentleman, guy, chap, man, hombre.
paper money (noun)


resist, kick off (verb)
dispute, jerk, traverse, oppose, contest.
social (verb)
go against.

Other synonyms:

bullock, oppose, c-note, deer, boar, alpha male, greenback, five-spot, fiver, bull, goat, stag. burrow, gore, five, dog, frisk, bristle. fin, beach. resist, dispute. grand. traverse. bite. cast. attack
go against.
shoot down.
Billy Goat.
Other relevant words:
bullock, tear, five, deer, young man, greenback, bucked, boar, resist, subordinate, vaulting horse, clam, goat, Billy Goat, dispute, burrow, bristle, frisk, traverse, protrusive, copper, coinage, charge, dollar, dollar bill, stag, gore, one dollar bill, grand, bull, challenge, fin, beach, horse, banknote, dog, low-level, sawhorse, jerk, sawbuck, pearl buck, contest, support, shoot, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, go against, cockerel, fiver, long horse, hitch, claw, oppose, c-note, cast, bite.

Usage examples for buck

  1. " Buck was sent up for six months for jumping on his wife," said Wagnell. – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  2. There was a great change in Buck as he heard this voice, a marked respect was in his manner as he turned to Jasper. – Way of the Lawless by Max Brand
  3. Before I could control myself to speak, Buck burst out, a look of alarm in his face, Don't say it, Mr. Sayler,- I know,- I know. – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips