Synonyms for Furious:


angry (adjective)
displeased, incensed, enraged, mad, irritated, angry, exasperated, irate, indignant, pissed off.
destructive (adjective)
extremely angry, very mad (adjective)
fierce, vehement, raging, infuriated, incensed, wrathful, desperate, violent, enraged, frenzied, rabid, steamed, maddened.
raging (adjective)
stormy, turbulent (adjective)
intense, wild, savage, agitated, terrible, extreme, excessive, tempestuous.
uncontrolled (adjective)
violent (adjective)
brawling, frenzied, abusive, savage, violent, intense, fighting, raging, ferocious, wild, outrageous, broiling, tumultuous, uproarious, fierce, assaultive, vehement.


brisk, high-speed, deft, swift, speedy, agile, fast, quick, nimble, at full speed/tilt/throttle. murderous, wrathful, rabid, feelings, steamed, ireful, incandescent, seething. energetically, strong, with all your might, a big smile/kiss/hug etc., with (all/both) guns blazing, ...up a storm, to your heart's content, terrible, madly, enthusiastically, desperate, big. high, heavy. furious (noun)
enraged, tempestuous, savage, infuriated, fierce, wild, angered, violent, angry, ferocious, raging, stormy, maddened.
intense (noun)
extreme, excessive.
turbulent (noun)
turbulent, agitated.

Other synonyms:

steamed, ireful. incandescent, wrathful, seething, murderous. terrible. desperate. rabid. heavy. strong. high.

Usage examples for furious

  1. The old queen was furious about it. – The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  2. " He is not here," exclaimed the duke, furious – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  3. How furious he looked! – More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey