Synonyms for Drubbing:


fall, demolition, overthrow, win, hammering, elimination, Dusting, rout, Vanquishment, trimming, revenge. defeat (noun)
slaughter, trimming, trouncing, Vanquishment, thrashing, beating, whipping, Dusting, rout, walloping.
drubbing (noun)
lacing, walloping, trouncing, beating, whacking, debacle, thrashing, slaughter, whipping.
event (noun)
debacle, whipping, walloping, trouncing, thrashing, slaughter.

Other synonyms:

revenge, Vanquishment, Dusting, demolition. rout, elimination, hammering. overthrow, trimming. fall. Other relevant words:
elimination, beating, hammering, trimming, fall, demolition, Dusting, revenge, Vanquishment, rout, overthrow.

Usage examples for drubbing

  1. If ever there comes an outbreak of these discontented people, I warrant you'll find this boy deserving the drubbing and getting it, too, for His Majesty's troops would make short work of such rabble. – A Hero of Ticonderoga by Rowland E. Robinson
  2. If I were not occupied, added the Dictator, with a terrifying oath, I should give you the unholiest drubbing ere you went! – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis