Synonyms for Low:


cheap (adjective)
close to the ground; short (adjective)
bottom, under, low-set, deep, depressed, below, inferior, prostrate, sunken, junior, low-lying, level, nether, beneath, lesser, small, little, flat, decumbent, squat, profound, lowering.
crude, vulgar (adjective)
base, crass, unbecoming, sordid, raw, ignoble, mean, despicable, inelegant, abject, vile, nasty, off-color, rough, offensive, scurvy, undignified, rude, depraved, degraded, contemptible, common, unrefined, obscene, miserable, gross, blue, ill-bred, coarse.
deep (adjective)
low-toned, bass, baritone.
depressed (adjective)
down, low-down, dejected, dysphoric, spiritless, tristful, moody, downhearted, downcast, down in the mouth, sad, unhappy, melancholic.
despicable (adjective)
despicable, reprehensible, revolting, mean, repellent, offensive, vile, contemptible, loathsome, repulsive, shabby.
disreputable (adjective)
feeble (adjective)
little (adjective)
puny, meager, compact, short, brief, little, concise, delicate, succinct, scanty, paltry, small, minute, diminutive, few, narrow.
living in, coming from poor circumstances (adjective)
lowly, humble.
low (adjective)
bottom, squat, short, stumpy, level, deep, flat.
lower (adjective)
lower, junior.
not feeling well (adjective)
dizzy, ill, sickly, faint, feeble, reduced, indisposed, ailing, exhausted, sick, weak.
not loud (adjective)
muffled, muted, soft, subdued, quiet, hushed.
quiet (adjective)
muffled, mumbling, sotto voce, whispering, soft, faint.
reduced; mediocre (adjective)
deficient, meager, cheap, puny, paltry, sparse, moderate, inexpensive, economical, depleted, modest, poor, scant.
short (adjective)
clipped, runty, puny, small, condensed, abridged, picayune, petite, little, short, concise, curt, squat, brief, compact, succinct, stumpy.
silent (adjective)
simple (adjective)
moderate, inexpensive, economical.
soft-spoken (adjective)
subordinate (adjective)
unimportant (adjective)
inconsequential, unimportant, unconsidered, of no consequence/of little consequence, superficial, irrelevant, meaningless.


beastly (adverb)


away, missing, in absentia, destroy, misplaced, overcome, unattainable, absent, unavailable, lost. bimetallic strip, eighties, fahrenheit, low-cut, degree, absolute zero, low-necked, celsius, Plunging, C, low-neck, centigrade, boiling point, F. anticyclone, isobar, cold front, atmospheric pressure, frontal, right, squalid, air pressure, the Gulf Stream, front. hushed, low-key, only, low-keyed, mere, whispery, subdued, quiet, scant, sparse, minimum, barely. deceitful, untruthful, dubious, deprecatory, depreciative, corrupt, derogative, slighting, unscrupulous, derogatory, disparaging, devious, pejorative, cunning, detractive, uncomplimentary, dishonest, depreciatory, deprecative, unprincipled, praise, fraudulent. indisposed, bay, grunt, off-color, croak, hiss, health, ailing, sickly, call, bray, rocky, bellow, baa, bark, bleat. crisis, tragedy, ordeal, nightmare, stress, trouble, rock bottom, battle, worst-case scenario, quagmire. subnormal. homesick, bleak. fresh, choppy, heavy, deep-sea, freshwater, coastal, calm, fluvial, briny. crisp, chewy, caramelized, cool, crispy, chilled, calorific, cream, buttery. light, muted, monotone, quietly. faint (noun)
ill, feeble, weak, sick, dizzy.
low (noun)
baritone, under, humiliated, crushed, depleted, bass, moo, first gear, depressed, dejected, deficient, insufficient, abject, David Low, downcast, down, throaty, low-spirited, low-level, blue, debased, modest, low-lying, low-pitched, contrabass, down in the mouth, downhearted, humbled, low-toned, degraded, deep, lowset, reduced, miserable, first, contemptible, broken, devalued, squat, low-down, small, lowly, double bass, poor, scummy, alto, humble, soft, dispirited, Sir David Alexander cecil low, depression, low gear, underslung, unrefined, contralto, scurvy, forward, nether, low-set.
person (noun)
David Low, Sir David Alexander cecil low.
state (noun)
tired (noun)
dozy, tired, exhausted, drowsy, sleepy, weary, run down, all in, on your last legs, fatigued.


communication (verb)
quiet (verb)
quiet, hushed.

Other synonyms:

pejorative, repugnant, inexpensive, dishonest, derogatory, nefarious, low-key, average, sickly, subordinate, ailing, odious, sunken, rocky, subnormal, lesser, abhorrent, minor league, hushed, indisposed, abominable, lousy, detestable, junior, obnoxious, slighting. weak. lower, filthy, below. nasty, foul. heavy. light. Sir David Alexander Cecil Low
Sir David Alexander cecil low.
double bass.
in low spirits
dull, sad, heavy-hearted, melancholic, melancholy, unhappy, spiritless, desolate, dysphoric, wistful, tristful.

Usage examples for low

  1. " I don't think you'd better," she said so low I could scarcely hear her. – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  2. Merryon's voice was deep and low – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  3. He'd be all right in no time, but he's so low – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu