Synonyms for Cuts:


discounted prices (noun)
reductions, mark downs, deductions, bargains, sales, refunds, rebates.
disjunctions (noun)
fissures, disunities, detachments, rents, Separations, incisions, cleavages, Dissections, bisections, Amputations.
grooves (noun)
flutes, trenches, ravines, Gullies, Ditches, furrows, Dadoes, channels, slots, corrugations, ruts, canals, troughs, grooves, gutters.
notches (noun)
rifts, scores, indents, crevices, gashes, gaps, notches, chinks, clefts, jogs, cracks, indentations, nicks.
portions (noun)
interests, commissions, allowances, percentages, quotas, divisions, zones, lots, allotments, chunks, sectors, members, stocks, dividends, bits, proportions, compartments, Quanta, subdivisions, helpings, fractions, pieces, stakes.


allots (verb)
sets, parcels, distributes, partitions, allocates, rations, earmarks, Budgets, apportions, allots, shares, Gives, segments, Measures, deals, allows, dispenses, portions, assigns.
castrates (verb)
emasculates, spays, castrates, gelds, sterilizes, unmans.
cheapens (verb)
belittles, devalues, degrades, marks down, cheapens, devaluates, deflates, slashes, debases.
dilutes (verb)
thins, dilutes, attenuates.
grooves (verb)
corrugates, digs.
halves (verb)
Branches, slits, tears, Ruptures, bifurcates, forks.
notches (verb)
obliterates (verb)
obliterates, annuls, cancels, omits, eradicates, edits, Strikes, censors, expunges, expurgates, annihilates, erases.
portions (verb)
subdivides, dismembers, compartmentalizes.
rejects (verb)
discards, spews, ejects, shears, belches, deep-sixes, checks, drains, disclaims, Chops, disapproves, oppugns, Denies, lops, crops, disallows, bars, sheds, emits, blacklists, snips, vents, curtails, discharges, abandons, vomits, Clips, Culls, exhausts, junks, jettisons, ejaculates, seeps, jilts, excises, exudes, blackballs, disgorges, eliminates, trashes, evacuates, rejects, excludes, scraps, secretes, excretes, erupts.
separates (verb)
disconnects, fragments, alienates, unglues, disunites, dissociates, rends, divides, parts, severs, cleaves, rips, sunders, detaches, amputates, Axes, insulates, removes, bisects, splits, incises, dissects, disengages, separates, disassociates, estranges, uncouples, unhinges, Divorces, disassembles, disjoins, segregates, unfixes, dismantles, disarticulates, slices, disaffiliates, breaks, disintegrates, Halves.
subtracts (verb)
lowers, depreciates, trims, reduces, bobs, elides, deletes, abridges, prunes, pares, discounts, weeds, subtracts, decreases, deducts, diminishes, shaves, docks, lessens.

Usage examples for cuts

  1. And yet, there's Diana; she comes before everything, and it cuts me to the heart to think of her asking for me." – A Pair of Clogs by Amy Walton
  2. That cuts me to the heart! – Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden
  3. That is what a man may call climbing up, I hope, when a poetical roaring blade cuts out your 'servo suo' in that fashion. – Little Novels of Italy Madonna Of The Peach-Tree, Ippolita In The Hills, The Duchess Of Nona, Messer Cino And The Live Coal, The Judgment Of Borso by Maurice Henry Hewlett