Synonyms for Polished:


beautiful (adjective)
becoming, charming, handsome, fair, comely, eye-filling, superb, refined, exquisite, flowerlike, pleasing, splendid, attractive, beautiful, bonny, enchanting, shapely, lovely, quaint, stunning, good-looking, ornamental, radiant, elegant, dazzling, finished, gorgeous, sublime, sightly, resplendent, graceful, belle, pretty, glamorous, picturesque.
bright (adjective)
glossy, gleaming, shining, radiant, glittering, shiny, glistening.
elegant (adjective)
cultivated, bright, urbane, smooth, burnished, refined.
referring to writing or speech (adjective)
elaborate, ornate, perfected, elegant.
refined (adjective)
cultured, well-bred, polite.
well executed (adjective)
flawless, accomplished, impeccable, masterful, masterly.


glaring, brilliant, glittering, glittery, sparkling. dignified, self-possessed, forceful, confident, self-confident, self-assured, assertive, proud, bold. good, exceptional, ornate, perfected, elaborate, wonderful, incredible, wonder, tremendous, decent. flawless, accomplished, impeccable, masterful, masterly. gleaming, light, glistening. culture, civilized, well-bred, educated, cultivated, cultured. polished (noun)
lustrous, dressed, sophisticated, burnished, shining, urbane, refined, milled, bright, finished, processed, svelte, shiny.
refined (noun)
cultured, well-bred, polite.


smoothed (verb)
smoothed, Sanded, Evened, slicked, Planed, Leveled, flattened, Glossed, ground.

Other synonyms:

glittering, glaring, ornate, glittery, glistening, sparkling, gleaming. brilliant, light, civilized. cultured
Other relevant words:
glittering, shining, svelte, ornate, milled, accomplished, educated, wonderful, processed, self-confident, urbane, perfected, masterly, bold, dignified, flawless, glaring, civilized, light, sparkling, assertive, glittery, impeccable, brilliant, tremendous, cultured, sophisticated, good, confident, lustrous, cultivated, masterful, elaborate, wonder, gleaming, glistening, self-assured, decent, self-possessed, exceptional, dressed, burnished, bright, polite, well-bred, incredible, forceful, culture, proud.

Usage examples for polished

  1. Miss Tibbutt took off her spectacles, and polished them slowly. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  2. Then we must have polished off more than we thought. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson