Synonyms for Honorable:


clean (adjective)
just (adjective)
lawful, due, good, equable, equitable, just, square, even-handed, fair, right.
proud (adjective)
important, distinguished, reputable.
pure (adjective)
clean, unadorned, stark, primary, Simon-pure, pure, unblemished, bare, elemental, unsullied, elementary, undiluted, foundational, plain, indivisible, untarnished, immaculate, basic, chaste, guiltless, angelic, prime, basal, austere, sinless, atomic, blameless, decent, irreducible, virtuous, spotless, unadulterated, nascent, formative, stainless, purebred, monolithic, faultless, unalloyed, white, essential, clear, fundamental, innocent, simple, uncluttered, aboriginal, primal, undefiled, untainted.
reliable (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
noble, straightforward, respectable, law-abiding, forthright, trustworthy, virtuous, righteous, just, reputable, distinguished, principled, ethical, truthful, honest, sincere.
respectable (adjective)
noble, saintly, upstanding, fair, pure, true, respectable, unimpeachable, right-minded, estimable, creditable, forthright, righteous, worthy, principled, virtuous, good, untarnished, law-abiding, angelical, honest, blameless, moral, irreproachable.
respected (adjective)
respectful (adjective)
reverent, admiring, venerating, Esteeming, Deferring, respectful.
titular (adjective)
ranking, bestowed, titular, positioned.
truthful (adjective)
sincere, candid, honest, earnest, factual, frank, trustworthy, truthful, ethical, straightforward.
virtuous (adjective)
clean, estimable, noble, blameless, worthy, unsullied, decent, virtuous, respectable, moral, heroic, angelical, Taintless, guiltless, valorous, creditable, faultless, righteous, uncorrupted, unspotted, pure, upstanding, good, ethical, high-minded.


legitimate, reasonable, fair-minded, independent, accepted, unbiased, natural. laudable, correct, exemplary, admirable, reputable, commendable, praiseworthy, value, deserving, praise, respect, proper, meritorious. straight-shooting, incorruptible. honorable (noun)
downright, ethical, noble, laureate, square, revered, worthy, respectable, right, straight, august, time-honoured, venerable, open, upstanding, time-honored, honest, solid, estimable, good.

Other synonyms:

straight-shooting. deserving, admirable, exemplary, praiseworthy, laudable, commendable. honest
Other relevant words:
laureate, fair-minded, laudable, unbiased, incorruptible, straight, time-honoured, open, venerable, commendable, praiseworthy, deserving, revered, important, reputable, reasonable, admirable, straight-shooting, value, exemplary, downright, solid, independent, praise, time-honored, accepted, legitimate, natural, meritorious, distinguished, proper, respect, august, correct.

Usage examples for honorable

  1. No, only the son of a duke,- James Scarbridge, the Right Honorable the Earl of Avondale. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. Did I not know the Baron to be an honorable man, I should have refused the meeting in such a place. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  3. The anguished father stopped to collect the fragments and to return them to the shore for honorable burial. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler