Synonyms for Alive:


active (adjective)
stirring, going, lively, operating.
all (adjective)
live, active.
aware (adjective)
being active, full of life (adjective)
ready, rife, energetic, replete, alert, animated, spirited, sharp, lively, vigorous, stirring.
being animately existent (adjective)
functioning, animate, mortal, vital, growing, around, cognizant, conscious, live, dynamic, viable, awake, living, running, extant, operative, working, existing.
existent (adjective)
live, existing.
live (adjective)
live, organic, living, incarnate, vital, animate.
running (adjective)


in progress, immediate, modern-day, present, at this time, prevailing, around, current. going, functioning, operating, operative, working, running, action, awareness. replete, big, rich, rife. knowledge, sentient, sensible, hip, wise, cognizant. alert (noun)
sharp, ready.
alive (noun)
full of life, immortal, surviving, alert, live, sensitive, lively, aware, active, life, enlivened, reanimated, existent, animated, viable, spirited, liveborn, vital, revived, existing, awake, living.
interesting (noun)
interesting, gripping, intriguing, newsworthy, original, spellbinding, thought-provoking, exciting, fascinating.

Other synonyms:

operating, vigorous, conscious, sentient, hip, working, cognizant. extant, running, rife. immediate, current, operative, present. sensible, around. wise. alive
immortal, surviving, life.
intriguing, spellbinding, gripping, rich, interesting, thought-provoking, fascinating.
Other relevant words:
gripping, liveborn, replete, operating, energetic, going, existent, prevailing, stirring, intriguing, functioning, current, sensible, surviving, sensitive, interesting, ready, big, mortal, full of life, aware, spirited, hip, extant, rife, animated, operative, lively, running, active, reanimated, dynamic, working, around, enlivened, animate, sentient, conscious, revived, cognizant, viable, awake, wise, vigorous, immortal, modern-day, growing, life, existing, alert, sharp.

Usage examples for alive

  1. Is the King still alive – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. He has disappeared with all the money he could get together, because, by some means, he heard that I was alive – The Mynns' Mystery by George Manville Fenn