Synonyms for Bleak:


all (adjective)
dim, black.
barren (adjective)
bare, exposed, wild, chilly, cleared, blank, dreary, flat, desert, bombed, austere, deserted, unsheltered, cold, raw, grim, desolate.
black (adjective)
cold (adjective)
dark (adjective)
depressing (adjective)
comfortless, drear, hopeless, gloomy, mournful, melancholy, black, lonely, cheerless, dismal, sad, hard, somber, harsh, oppressive, joyless.
desolate (adjective)
dismal, forgotten, miserable, inhospitable, forlorn, bare, stark, forsaken, uninhabited, barren, dreary, abandoned, desert, deserted, lonely.
hopeless (adjective)
dejected, pessimistic, despairing, black, forlorn, cheerless, dispirited, melancholy, anguished, downhearted, spiritless, dismal, hopeless, glum, despondent, desperate, morose, gloomy, disheartened, discouraged, miserable, depressed.
severe (adjective)
authoritarian, spare, abrupt, precise, strait-laced, caustic, fundamental, demanding, blunt, correct, stern, cutting, obstinate, raw, exacting, curt, rigorous, cool, dour, piquant, puritanical, critical, crisp, basic, intolerant, chilly, uncompromising, austere, draconian, keen, spartan, tart, ascetic, acerbic, sharp, prudish, unbending, rigid, obdurate, censorious, severe, inflexible, stark, meticulous, oppressive, intense, imperial, disciplined, frosty, brusque, icy, stringent, strict, short, hidebound, harsh, acute, gruff, brisk, dry, relentless, astringent, lean, grim, stiff-necked, acrimonious.
tenebrific (adjective)


blasted, bombed, green, exposed, cleared, uninviting, depressing, distressing, mournful, monotonous, comfortless, frowning, craggy, wild, blank, somber, weary, bug-eyed, darkly, joyless, stony, appealing, verdant, beatific, sad, absent, brooding, waste, flat, unsheltered, drear, curious. bleak (noun)
barren, bare, inhospitable, desolate, cold, cutting, stark, dim, black, hopeless, raw.

Other synonyms:

brooding, beatific, uninviting, objectionable, fatalistic, mild, bug-eyed, tenebrific, darkly, unattractive, unpleasant. curious, cynical, blue, somber, disagreeable, mournful. joyless, absent. broken. awful. sad. bad. negative. hard. chilly

Usage examples for bleak

  1. Founded on an episode in Dickens's " Bleak House." – Life of Charles Dickens by Frank Marzials
  2. The region through which they passed was bare and bleak and terrible. – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn
  3. For many minutes she stood by the window, clasping the bundle in her arms, looking out into the bleak morning. – The Sherrods by George Barr McCutcheon