Synonyms for Fit:


agreeable (adjective)
expedient (adjective)
commodious, expedient, advantageous, convenient, opportune, effective, efficient, apt, useful, timely, suitable, accommodating, desirable.
healthy (adjective)
hale, salubrious, energetic, hardy, spry, lively, robust, full-bodied, wholesome, vital, vigorous, chipper, healthy.
healthy, in good physical shape (adjective)
hale, wholesome, robust, able-bodied, trim.
perfect (adjective)
qualified (adjective)
eligible, primed.
rightful (adjective)
suitable (adjective)
befitting, suited, applicable, due, geared to, fitting, right, appropriate, suitable, proper, apt, all-right, feasible.
suitable, appropriate (adjective)
befitting, able, right, timely, favorable, felicitous, feasible, happy, fitting, equitable, prepared, conformable, expedient, beneficial, wise, advantageous, preferable, correspondent, worthy, seemly, convenient, due, becoming, opportune, practicable, comely, proper, desirable, apposite, apt, likely, ready, tasteful, rightful, seasonable.


trim, try on, cover up, put on, strong, pull on, slip into, get dressed, wear, wrap up. drape, accord with, approximate, amount to, bear/stand comparison (with), hang, coincide, have something in common (with something). salient, adjust, to the point, alter, tailor, germane. possible, ideal, well-chosen, implement, provide, perfect. live up to, speak for itself, measure up, lend itself to something, fix, qualify, fit in with, match-up, come up to. impulse, spurt, order, twinge, flush, rush, surge, spasm, flash. embed, square, bury, crate, cram, bottle, quadrate, center, bed, box, entomb. flow, ride up, breathe, fall down, change, acclimatize, pucker, bunch, acclimate, bag, hug. faint, slump, go under, knock out, collapse, go with, stun, pass out, black out. induct, lecture, coach, instruct, teach, initiate, educate, tutor. convulse, flail, contort, fidgety, flounder, fidget, contortion, jerk. fit (noun)
agree, ready, fit out, gibe, primed, fir for, match, conniption, equip, able, burst, able-bodied, go, set, healthy, appropriate, suited, correspond, fit to, tally, jibe, suitable, check, conditioned, outfit, scene, acceptable, paroxysm, tantrum, in condition.
fit in (noun)
conform, square, correspond, agree, match.
fit out (noun)
furnish, provide, outfit, equip, prepare.
seizure; sudden emotion (noun)
rush, burst, tantrum, conniption, spasm, paroxysm.


adapt, change (verb)
alter, adjust, tailor, fashion, quadrate, square, arrange.
belong, correspond (verb)
click, agree, apply, go with, tally, parallel, respond, become, match, suit, go, conform, set, dovetail, consist, relate.
comply (verb)
equip (verb)
implement, prepare, fix, outfit, provide, make, furnish, rig.
prepare (verb)
dress, fashion, draft, outfit, formulate, furnish, curry, equip, prepare, mobilize, marshal, arrange, make, ready, set, foster, construct, develop, prime, devise, fabricate, compose.
promising (verb)
stative (verb)
suit (verb)
benefit, become, suit, please, satisfy, serve, dovetail.

Other synonyms:

fidgety, apposite, fine, spasm, contort, acclimatize, hook into, happy, flush, O.K., harbor, accouter, germane, include, prepared, provide, automate, normal, ride up, teach, pertinent, salient, pucker. consist, tailor, strong, acclimate, black out, catch, fall down, twinge, house, go under, adjust, qualify, tailor-made, hug, contortion, apropos, breathe, faint. chime, jerk, pass out, fidget, attach, rightful, spurt, apply, connect, convulse. collapse, rig, flounder, surge, bunch, flow, slump, impulse, appoint. alarm. go with, hang. knock out, ground, rush. bag. close, flash. fix. agree
jibe, quadrate.
measure up.
comport with.
Other relevant words:
becoming, qualify, likely, feasible, decorous, admissible, paroxysm, acceptable, accouter, right, gear, fit out, match, tantrum, rig, able, appoint, eligible, seasonable, adjust, seemly, fine, conniption, congruous, proper, worthy, go, decent, due.

Usage examples for fit

  1. " What thing a man may wish to make himself, no matter what, he should fit himself for some ozer thing. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. Suffy was never as strong as the rest- her back was bad; so when she had a sort of fit one day, it was soon over. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts