Synonyms for Holding:


retaining (adjective)


bookmobile, carrel, annals, archivist, accession, card catalog, art gallery, audience, archive. plot, owned, law, plan, preparation, planning, conspiracy, tactic, arrangements, blueprint, strategy, agreement. agrochemical, agronomy, agriculture, agrarian, agricultural, breed, the CAP, agroindustry, Agronomics, agribusiness. bull, bid price, bid, bear, bearish, bondholder, bullish, bull market, broker-dealer, bear market. act (noun)
keeping, retention.
business (noun)
service, corporation, activity, establishment, business, firm, labor, partnership, enterprise, livelihood, exchange, job, occupation, trade, posting, proprietorship, specialty, negotiation, interest, practice, affair, selling, transaction, merchant, company, station, retailing, venture, employment, busy work, career, assignment, concern, vocation, commerce, commission, market, calling, profession, industry, barter, management, position, consortium, situation.
custody (noun)
holding (noun)
retention, retaining, property, belongings, material possession, retentive, keeping.
impeding (noun)
block, closing.
land (noun)
monopoly (noun)
occupancy (noun)
ownership (noun)
proprietorship, Having.
possession (noun)
territory, kingdom, land, property, possession, acquisition, empire, wealth, realm, effects, worth.
property held (noun)
plot, estate, farm, inheritance, goods, assets, effects, possession, land, belongings, property.


believing (verb)
Supposing, gathering, Crediting, accepting, professing, judging, Presuming, Deeming, Surmising, understanding, taking for granted, concluding, Maintaining, putting faith in, trusting, Affirming, Declaring, believing, giving faith, assenting, assuming.
commanding (verb)
controlling, dominating, ruling, governing, directing, reigning, Disciplining, Charging, Managing, swaying, mastering, coordinating, commanding.
containing (verb)
Comprising, Receiving, Including, accommodating, stowing, Containing, enclosing.
enclosing (verb)
surrounding, enveloping, encompassing, fencing, trapping, impounding, encircling, Imprisoning, Corralling, covering, Caging, confining.
gripping (verb)
Adhering, keeping, gripping, embracing, grasping, retaining, Clutching, Clasping, seizing, grappling.
possessing (verb)
Owning, Possessing, Having, Monopolizing, Claiming, acquiring.
retaining (verb)
Reserving, Preventing, conserving, hindering, preserving.
stopping (verb)
ending, stopping, Staying, Pausing, Ceasing, freezing, Terminating, halting.
withdrawing (verb)
Suppressing, Revoking, Retracting, withdrawing, Recanting, recalling, withholding.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
retention, retentive, material possession, block.

Usage examples for holding

  1. She was holding something in her arms. – Five Little Friends by Sherred Willcox Adams Maud and Miska Petersham
  2. In a few moments he returned, and, holding open a door, bid him enter. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  3. But I wonder what it can be that the boy's holding back? – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden