Synonyms for Scant:


all (adjective)
short, light.
few (adjective)
few, piddling, trifling.
insufficient (adjective)
little (adjective)
tiny, wee, smallish.
meager (adjective)
exiguous, skimpy, little, minimum, skimp, paltry, thin, deficient, spare, puny, sparse, poor, stingy, short, mere, insufficient, scanty, bare, slight.
short (adjective)
niggardly, short.
small (adjective)
diminutive, minor, minute, scrawny, baby, smallish, negligible, pocket, slight, compact, petite, ungenerous, dwarfish, small, delicate, teeny, toy, scanty, paltry, miserly, miniature, wee, beggarly, trifling, bantam, modest, deficient, weeny, piddling, nugatory, microscopic, teensy, itty-bitty, meager, puny, niggardly, teeny-weeny, stingy, little, spare, short, tiny, sparing, picayune, minimal, slim.


few, mere, barely, minimum, only. excess, bare. exiguous, big, thin, poor, sparse, measly, skimpy. scant (noun)
insufficient, short, light, stint, deficient, skimp.
scarce (noun)
inadequate, limited, study at scanty.


social (verb)

Other synonyms:

measly, few, minimum, mere. limited, exiguous, sparse, skimpy. barely, bare. only. thin.

Usage examples for scant

  1. " Good- day, my lord," said Vaughan with scant ceremony; his blood was boiling. – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. She scanned by miles against the scant yards covered by the Secret Service. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith