Synonyms for Austere:


all (adjective)
stark, stern, severe.
ascetic (adjective)
parsimonious, trappist, abstemious, miserly, hermit-like, repentant, ascetic, teetotaling, lenten, celibate, severe, stoic, disciplined, franciscan, penitential, monastic, spartan, stark, dry, abstinent.
economical (adjective)
economical, thrifty, moderate, parsimonious, cheeseparing, prudent, self-denying, spartan, stingy, sparing, cheap, frugal.
grim, barren (adjective)
bare, unadorned, plain, severe, clean, simple, spare, spartan, stark, bleak, bald, dour.
pure (adjective)
formative, basic, chaste, unsullied, nascent, sinless, untainted, undiluted, honorable, blameless, faultless, fundamental, foundational, immaculate, stainless, unadulterated, indivisible, basal, aboriginal, Simon-pure, primary, simple, undefiled, elementary, innocent, unadorned, monolithic, purebred, uncluttered, stark, white, decent, clean, prime, clear, plain, essential, unalloyed, atomic, bare, untarnished, unblemished, primal, pure, irreducible, guiltless, virtuous, elemental, angelic, spotless.
refraining; abstinent (adjective)
economical, self-denying, puritanical, chaste, abstemious.
severe (adjective)
acrimonious, exacting, keen, caustic, raw, icy, obstinate, cutting, dry, authoritarian, rigid, crisp, basic, meticulous, blunt, piquant, stern, dour, brusque, intolerant, gruff, strict, acerbic, intense, obdurate, fundamental, spare, stringent, curt, lean, sharp, strait-laced, prudish, relentless, imperial, harsh, stark, abrupt, precise, frosty, cool, brisk, chilly, tart, stiff-necked, critical, demanding, severe, astringent, disciplined, draconian, uncompromising, acute, inflexible, ascetic, rigorous, grim, unbending, censorious, correct, spartan, short, oppressive, hidebound, puritanical, bleak.
severe in manner (adjective)
harsh, grim, astringent, obdurate, strict, ascetic, rigid, sober, rigorous, exacting, stern, stringent, inflexible.
sharp (adjective)
simple (adjective)
refined, terse, candid, direct, bald, unadulterated, crystalline, uncomplicated, unalloyed, spare, chaste, elementary, childlike, pure, clear, unsophisticated, artless, innocent, plain, bare, simple.
stingy (adjective)
petty, closefisted, tight, abstemious, penny-pinching, Hard-fisted, ascetic, thrifty, cheeseparing, mean, narrow-fisted, parsimonious, meager, stingy, spartan, miserly, frugal.
temperate (adjective)
moderate, frugal, ascetic, restrained, Sober-minded, abstinent, self-denying, temperate, sober, conservative, Abnegating, self-depriving, prudent.


hardline. gracious, enclosed, attitude, living, bohemian, hot, back-to-nature, inactive, fast, new age. thrift, Economies, ungenerous, economic, careful. austere (noun)
ascetic, spartan, abstemious, severe, ascetical, stark, plain, stern, nonindulgent.
harsh (noun)
study atsevere, for bidding, modest.
undecorated (noun)
plainly, simply, functional.

Other synonyms:

gracious, back-to-nature, hardline, bohemian. living, new age, enclosed. inactive. fast. undecorated
plainly, simply, functional.
Other relevant words:
enclosed, nonindulgent, ascetical, modest, fast, new age, hardline, back-to-nature, gracious.

Usage examples for austere

  1. Then he turned to the table at his elbow and kindled his deep- bowled pipe and drew over his legs the skirts of his long gown, coarse, austere sombre. – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  2. The earth is grey and dusty, the forms of hill and valley are austere and monotonous; even the vegetation seems to sympathise with the uninteresting soil from which it springs. – Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III. by John Symonds
  3. I thought so myself, but I was glad of the excuse to see again the delicate, austere face. – Cecilia de Noël by Lanoe Falconer