Synonyms for Minimize:


author, archive, back up, browse, burn, capture, block, access, call up, burn-in. deprecate, lower, decry, detract, show, depreciate, run down, shrivel, halve, cut back, attack, trim down, top-slice, slight, discount, talk down. overshadow, detract from, eclipse, trivialize. minimize (noun)
denigrate, understate, downplay, belittle, derogate, minimise.


change (verb)
curtail (verb)
curtail, shorten, abbreviate, diminish, decrease, fragment, reduce, discontinue.
diminish (verb)
condense, concentrate, deplete, erode, drain, abridge, bob, deflate, contract, downgrade, truncate, cull, prune, compress, clip, decrement, weed, shear, lighten, compact, shave, pare, nip, taper, crop, dwindle, lessen, trim, shrink.
lessen (verb)
depreciate, study at depreciate.
make smaller; underrate (verb)
decrease, curtail, derogate, decry, deprecate, belittle, shrink, reduce, downplay, lessen, detract, prune, depreciate, diminish, abbreviate, run down, discount.

Other synonyms:

trim down, top-slice, trivialize, shrivel, cut back. depreciate, overshadow, eclipse, decry, detract, lower. discount, deprecate, halve. detract
detract from.
Other relevant words:
depreciate, belittle, talk down, top-slice, discount, slight, detract, eclipse, detract from, decry, overshadow, understate, trivialize, downplay, derogate, minimise, deprecate, denigrate, lower.

Usage examples for minimize

  1. It could not but gall him to be so dependent upon me, and it was for me to minimize the humiliation by scrupulously avoiding the least semblance of an abuse of that power which I now had over him. – A Thief in the Night by E. W. Hornung
  2. We minimize an essential feature of our meetings if we fail to recognize the role of the sheer presence of men and women who are spiritually more advanced than most and are able to act as leaven. – An Interpretation of Friends Worship by N. Jean Toomer
  3. And, certainly, no one can or should minimize the plight of millions of our friends and neighbors who are living in the bleak emptiness of unemployment. – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan