Synonyms for Tight:


all (adjective)
cheap (adjective)
mingy, tightfisted.
close (adjective)
neck and neck, penurious, niggardly, choky.
difficult, troublesome (adjective)
sticky, trying, ticklish, tricky, rough, tough, arduous.
economical (adjective)
meager, thrifty, frugal.
intoxicated (adjective)
loaded, smashed, high, plastered, inebriated, tipsy, stewed, stoned, pickled, boozy.
mean (adjective)
narrow (adjective)
willowy, slim, fine, skeletal, lanky, narrow, lean, skinny, thin, scrawny, slender, tenuous.
sealed (adjective)
impervious, locked, fastened, Pinching, short, shrunken, tied, sound, watertight, uncomfortable, airtight, shut, hermetic, impenetrable, blind.
short (adjective)
tenacious (adjective)
tight (adjective)
rigid, dense, stiff, snug, tense, taut, firm, secure.
tipsy (adjective)


all (adverb)


brief, Clingy, baggy, casual, best, button-through, A-LINE, boot-cut, button-down, backless. appealing, stay put, remain, dead, refrain from action, disembodied, breathy, grating, adenoidal, croaky, fruity. economic, careful, thick, packed, Economies, thrift, crowded, economical. graded, well-founded, combined, valid, jumbled, sound, integrated, cogent, miscellaneous, just, heterogeneous, reason, cohesive, eclectic, good, well-grounded, solid, complementary. irresistible, durable, stubborn, spare, solid as a rock, style, heavy-duty, robust. cellular, fibrous, distressed, cramped, Breathable, creased, filmy, diaphanous, brushed, colorfast, crisp. unsettling, troubling, chummy, love, claustrophobic, heavy, friendly, strained, Familiar, intimate, strange, unnatural. niggard, under control, restrictive, limited, finite, restricted, niggardly, limiting, specific, Pinching, tightfisted, give, prohibitive, close-fisted, costive, within limits, exclusive, penurious, cheap. miserable, nip and tuck, insufficient, scant, meagre, in short/limited supply, neck and neck, not go far, pitiful, inadequate. neat, trig, tidy, orderly, well-groomed, shipshape, trim, spruce, clean, order, spick-and-span. looped, Drugs, stinking, inebriate, crapulous, stewed, pickled, lit, stoned, zonked, Boozed, high, sodden, bombed, boozy, stinko, crapulent, potted, blind. close-fitting (noun)
short, Pinching, uncomfortable, ample, shrunken.
drunk (noun)
alcoholic, hungover, hard-drinking.
tight (noun)
fuddled, blind drunk, taut, hermetic, choky, snug, inebriated, waterproofed, compact, constricting, tight-fitting, sealed, binding, besotted, viselike, closely, soaked, clinched, stringent, potty, pie-eyed, invulnerable, intoxicated, difficult, rainproof, compressed, clenched, ungenerous, close-fitting, fast, equal, stiff, nasty, tipsy, secure, tightly fitting, waterproof, crocked, miserly, hard, pixilated, skintight, demanding, smashed, shut, wet, mingy, closed, loaded, fine, sozzled, mean, rigorous, soused, tiddly, close, stingy, slopped, squiffy, tiddley, plastered, scarce, gas-tight, blotto, airtight, sloshed, watertight.

Other synonyms:

inebriate, stinking, crowded, chummy, cramped, stoned, tidy, intimate, masterful, inadequate, well-grounded, well-groomed, penurious, niggardly, valid, tightfisted, lit, zonked, trig, arterial, accomplished. one-way, strained, two-way, tenacious, sodden, uncomfortable, feeder, cogent, well-founded, claustrophobic, orderly, strange, neat. miserable, blind, sticky, solid, Familiar, unnatural, friendly, packed. closed, spruce, fixed. just. thick. short. sharp. high. heavy. impermeable

Usage examples for tight

  1. Yes, somewhat; but money is very tight still. – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  2. However, he added, I suppose I can hold the little lady pretty tight – Jan of the Windmill by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  3. I knew, wherever I was, that you thought of me; and if I got in a tight place you would help me out if alive. – Ulysses S. Grant by Walter Allen