Synonyms for Filament:


light bulb, dimmer, bulb, mantle, globe, sconce, reflector, light fixture, lampshade. pole, line, stick, strap, spring, length, thing, strip. component (noun)
feature, matter, fragment, component, piece, section, item, material, ingredient, element, member, percentage, fraction, factor, article, part, portion, medium, segment, constituent.
fiber (noun)
fibril, tendril.
filament (noun)
cilium, flax, thread, fiber, floss, fibril, strand, yarn, filum, hemp, string.
hair (noun)
line (noun)
thin strand (noun)
strand, thread, fiber, tendril.
wire (noun)

Other synonyms:

light bulb, light fixture, lampshade, sconce. dimmer, reflector, bulb, globe. line. pole, mantle, strap. length. spring. strip. stick. Other relevant words:
filum, lampshade, dimmer, length, tendril, globe, line, bulb, strip, reflector, mantle, fibril.

Usage examples for filament

  1. After some changes dictated by experience, this artificial filament was adopted in the manufacture of lamps. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  2. He carefully cracked its bulb, exposing the filament within. – Scrimshaw by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  3. This necessitated reducing myself occasionally to the dimensions of a filament but I was elastic, and I persisted. – The Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris