Synonyms for Canal:


part, chamber, guts, innards, organ, entrails, apparatus, organic, cavity. river, brook, feeder, geyser, hot spring, creek, artesian well, rill, beck. artery (noun)
way, sewer.
canal (noun)
canalize, canalise, duct, epithelial duct, channel.
conduit (noun)
passage, culvert, course, gutter, way, pipe, sluice, trench, ditch, conduit, aqueduct, channel, sewer, duct.
groove (noun)
groove, flute, trough, rut, furrow, cut, ravine, slot, incision, gully, corrugation, dado.
passage (noun)
waterway (noun)
course, water, trench, duct, ditch, aqueduct, channel, conduit.


possession (verb)
canalize, canalise.

Other synonyms:

entrails, river, rill, hot spring, geyser, artesian well, beck, brook. creek, cavity, innards, organ, guts. chamber, apparatus, organic. feeder. part. Other relevant words:
epithelial duct, rill, canalize, chamber, organic, part, organ, river, feeder, innards, apparatus, water, canalise, cavity, beck, guts, brook, geyser, creek, entrails.

Usage examples for canal

  1. The water had not only filled the wide canal but also, at a point a little above the bridge, had broken over and washed away the high embankment. – Success With Small Fruits by E. P. Roe
  2. A search- light was playing on the basin of St. Mark's and on the mouth of the canal – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward