Synonyms for Cloud:


give away, puff, display, manifest, nebula, express yourself, rack, surrender, film, show, render, billow, frost, offer, cloudiness, make no secret of something, voice. damage, cancel out, darkness, loose on, dust, harm, smoke, offset, neutralize, cost, dimness. fault, spot, boil over, warning, shadow, break down, pall, gloom, boil up, boil away, obscurity, bake, flaw, atomize, blemish. clean, disorient, besmear, confound, dirty, soil, distract, smudge, bespatter, preoccupy, divert, attack, bewilder, discombobulate, bamboozle, spatter, smut. flock, crowd, ruck, group, mass, score, blindfold, throng, host, legion, army, obstruct, mob, big, multitude, blind. fibre, hank, block, fiber, knot. deterrent, evil, hammer blow, disincentive, blow, deterrence, goad, kiss of death, crime. bubble (noun)
effervescence, surf.
cloud (noun)
mist, haze over, Thunderhead, nimbus, overcast, Strato-cumulus, fog, befog, dapple, defile, cumulo-stratus, obscure, sully, taint, rain cloud, stratus, cirro-velum, becloud, mottle, Cirro-stratus, vapor, Cirro-cumulus, haze, cirrus, cumulo-cirro-stratus, storm cloud, cumulo-nimbus, thundercloud, cumulo-cirrus, cumulus, corrupt.
crowd (noun)
host, legion, flock, multitude, army, throng.
fanciful (noun)
visionary, Absent-minded, fantastic, impractical, lost in reverie.
mass of water particles in air (noun)
frost, nebula, dimness, gloom, haze, vapor, obscurity, rack, film, puff, overcast, billow, fog, mist, darkness, Thunderhead, smoke.


become foggy or obscured (verb)
dim, obfuscate, shadow, eclipse, becloud, darken, overshadow, shade, befog.
bubble (verb)
bubble, boil, aerate, spray, fizz, froth, balloon, effervesce, lather, foam.
confuse (verb)
distract, disorient, baffle, perplex, misconstrue, muddle, confuse, fluster, obscure, mistake.
darken (verb)
shade, dim, darken, blacken.
dim (verb)
eclipse, fog.
obscure (verb)
obfuscate, overshadow.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

boil up, cirrocumulus, brighten up, kiss of death, cumulonimbus, disincentive, hank, atomize, cirrostratus, fickle, boil away, boil over, bake, film. break down, ruck, blindfold, crime, blear, deterrence, close in, hammer blow, besmear, obstruct, cloudy, pall, army. deterrent, legion, throng, goad, bespatter, column, smut, soil, billow. flock, fiber, break through, smudge, multitude, spatter, knot, mob. dull. score, host, evil, ease. crowd, mass. bank. blind. block. blow. break. lift. blacken

Usage examples for cloud

  1. The cloud left the boy's face. – Annie Kilburn A Novel by W. D. Howells
  2. And then a cloud had come between them, and from a quarter from which David had expected only sunshine. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis
  3. A cloud of color stole up from the blanket edge at her throat to the line of her hair. – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans