Synonyms for Dwelling:


inhabiting (adjective)
endemic, native, lodging, Residing, Inhabiting, indigenous, aboriginal, Occupying, domestic.


apartment, chalet, boarding house, bunkhouse, apartment building, billet, adobe. dig, protection. artifact (noun)
domicile, home, habitation, dwelling house, abode.
dwelling (noun)
domicile, home, habitation, dwelling house, abode.
home (noun)
domicile, lodging, quarters, castle, residence, abode, habitation, house.
house (noun)
chateau, hacienda, castle, lodging, residence, cottage, home, abode, cabin, domicile, quarters, condominium, Casa, bungalow, villa, homestead, house, mansion, habitation.
occupancy (noun)
inhabitation, tenancy, occupation, colonization.


inhabiting (verb)
living (verb)
enduring, persisting, surviving, continuing, Residing, abiding, existing, living.
occupying (verb)
quartering, Colonizing, Roosting, Staying, squatting, Billeting, housing.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
billet, dwelling house, protection, apartment, bunkhouse, adobe, chalet, dig.

Usage examples for dwelling

  1. " I do," earnestly, her eyes dwelling upon my face. – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  2. From the mere force of habit the young student had pulled on his gloves on leaving his lodging, and had only removed that of the right hand on entering the captain's dwelling – Philosopher Jack by R.M. Ballantyne