Synonyms for Establishment:


account, the biz, affiliate, Establishing, blue-chip, big business, acquisition, endowment, agency, base, agent, anchor. leading light, a force to be reckoned with, figure, verification, mover and shaker, mogul, prime mover, vip, eminence, authority figure, magnate. establish, incorporate, go into, open, start, constitute, start up, found, set up, move into. chief, chieftain, boss, demagogue, house, figurehead, the Establishment, employer, autocrat, dictator, enforcer, outfit, group. act (noun)
constitution, formation, organization, organisation.
business (noun)
commerce, career, profession, service, firm, station, retailing, specialty, activity, enterprise, occupation, negotiation, trade, interest, calling, posting, company, affair, holding, commission, industry, position, concern, management, livelihood, exchange, proprietorship, partnership, market, employment, vocation, selling, transaction, situation, business, assignment, corporation, job, consortium, practice, venture, barter, merchant, busy work, labor.
business, institution (noun)
concern, organization, enterprise, outfit, corporation, company, house, firm, office.
business concern (noun)
creation (noun)
development, production, creation, invention, formulation, formation, generation, origination, construction, conception, fabrication.
establishment (noun)
formation, administration (of an estate), ecesis, organization, institution, governing body, organisation, validation, constitution, brass, governance.
evidence (noun)
substantiation, demonstration, authentication, observation, illustration, confirmation, manifestation, certification, testimony, validation, proof, deposition, indication, evidence, determination, declaration, exhibit, documentation, statement, data, quotation, fact, connotation, support, specimen, information, corroboration, exemplification, counter-evidence, attestation.
market (noun)
grocery, bureau, bazaar, market place, stock exchange, stall, warehouse, department store, shop, mart, convenience store, chain, emporium, depot, counter, store, office, fair, supermarket.
organization; creation (noun)
endowment, formation, institution, formulation.
start-up (noun)
start up.

Other synonyms:

start up. outfit. house. administration
administration (of an estate).
Other relevant words:
chieftain, affiliate, establish, constitution, boss, employer, organization, organisation, verification, Establishing, anchor, acquisition, mogul, demagogue, open, account, institution, vip, found, house, endowment, set up, chief, agency, figurehead, agent, eminence, autocrat, group, governance, outfit, governing body, figure, ecesis, incorporate, start, brass, base, dictator, enforcer, constitute, magnate.

Usage examples for establishment

  1. I raced past French Eva's empty house, pounding my way through the gentle heat of May, to Stires's establishment – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various
  2. That is by the establishment of a single Department of National Defense. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various