Synonyms for Aboriginal:


all (adjective)
belonging to one, existing in a place since prehistory (adjective)
endemic, indigenous, primeval, primary, primordial, native, first, original, earliest.
earliest (adjective)
original, autochthonous.
inhabiting (adjective)
dwelling, indigenous, Residing, Occupying, native, lodging, endemic, Inhabiting, domestic.
in the beginning (adjective)
pure (adjective)
clean, simple, spotless, unadulterated, decent, honorable, prime, blameless, sinless, chaste, indivisible, immaculate, unadorned, basic, formative, monolithic, undiluted, pure, elemental, innocent, fundamental, primary, faultless, angelic, white, elementary, untainted, undefiled, unalloyed, essential, purebred, irreducible, uncluttered, stainless, basal, plain, unblemished, Simon-pure, nascent, virtuous, unsullied, primal, guiltless, foundational, atomic, stark, bare, untarnished, austere, clear.


allophone, Afro-Caribbean, African-Caribbean, african, afrikaner, afghan, Alaska Native, afghanistani. citizenry, citizenship, compatriot, community, birthright, the body politic, countrywoman, autochthonous, countryman, autochthonal. aboriginal (noun)
early, native, primaeval, Native Australian, Australian Aborigine, primordial, primeval, aborigine, primal, abo.
indigenous (noun)
autochthonous, earliest, study atnative.
inhabitant (noun)
dweller, lodger, tenant, native, resident, occupant, incumbent, citizen, populace, inhabitant, denizen, population, inmate.
person (noun)
native, aborigine.

Other synonyms:

the body politic, birthright, citizenry, allophone, Alaska Native, African-Caribbean, afghanistani, compatriot, african, citizenship, autochthonous, autochthonal, afghan, community, countryman, Afro-Caribbean, countrywoman, afrikaner. aborigine
native Australian
Native Australian.
Other relevant words:
african, autochthonous, allophone, aborigine, primaeval, compatriot, Afro-Caribbean, earliest, Native Australian, African-Caribbean, Australian Aborigine, abo, afrikaner, countrywoman, citizenship, autochthonal, birthright.

Usage examples for aboriginal

  1. This is the way the red men go about to induce the aboriginal maids to listen to their suit. – Indian Boyhood by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman
  2. One or two, indeed, plainly showed their Negro descent; others the melancholy of the Indian aboriginal – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. They leave one still puzzling as to what may be the aboriginal conception underlying this legendary beast of earth and clouds and waters. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas