Synonyms for Basis:


feature, element, backing, nexus, postulate, core, staple, support, essence, key, proof, nucleus, authority, security, evidence, burning issue/question, justification, antecedent, warrant, Underpinning, data, priority, explanation, concern. excuse, motivation, over, bed, in justification of something, pretext, substratum. irregularity, rate, irregular, long, time, much, frequency, for the first/last etc. time, length. procedure, system, true, means, method, way, mode, manner, tactic, technique. connect, term. fundamental, rudiment. authorization (noun)
basis (noun)
cornerstone, footing, foundation, base, groundwork, fundament, ground.
bottom (noun)
cause (noun)
execution, effectuation, compulsion, generation, inspiration, determinant, origination, provocation, elicitation, force, motivator, grounds, cause, motive, enforcement, stimulus, factor, action, root, source, drive, mainspring, evocation, compunction.
circumstance (noun)
situation, milestone, status, event, instant, moment, happening, juncture, conjuncture, condition, occurrence, incidence, landmark, cardinal point, episode, circumstance, occasion.
foundation for belief, action (noun)
core, axiom, fundamental, nucleus, evidence, source, authority, data, essence, rudiment, presumption, explanation, security, postulate, assumption, justification, principle, Underpinning, theorem, proof, root, warrant, cause, premise, nexus, substratum, backing, antecedent.
linkdef (noun)
footing, ground, base.
motive (noun)
physical foundation (noun)
bed, ground, support, groundwork, footing, base.
rudiment (noun)
topic (noun)
idea, position, dissertation, text, conjecture, postulation, axiom, hypothesis, premise, belief, topic, theorem, assertion, contention, subject, presumption, motif, issue, statement, thesis, opinion, assumption, paradigm, consideration, problem, concept, principle, question, exposition, matter, point, query, theme, essay, argument, inference.

Other synonyms:

method, rudiment, essence. irregularity, much, means, core, manner, priority, warrant, technique, procedure, substratum, frequency. key, length, mode, element, Underpinning, rate, staple. justification, system, irregular. concern. bed. term, time. long. way. basis

Usage examples for basis

  1. The state is divided on the basis of population into fifty- one parts as nearly equal as possible. – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  2. But what, then, is the basis of this engagement? – Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown
  3. He also proposed that each person present should contribute one dollar as a basis of a fund for the purpose. – The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 3 by Robert H. Newell