Synonyms for Breath:


bad breath, artificial respiration, bronchial tube, bronchus, airway, bronchiole, asphyxia, blow. stand out, exceed (someone's) expectations, knock your socks off, make an impression, be really/quite something, commend itself (to someone), make a favorable impression (on someone), puff, flutter, be an inspiration to someone, put someone/something in the shade. divine spark, life force, spirit, vitality, body, vital force, psyche, soul. respiration. semblance, whisker, taste, shade, suspicion, streak, show, hair, big, shadow, ghost, dash, whisper. breath (noun)
breathing place, hint, breather, intimation, breathing space, breathing spell, breathing time.
breathing space (noun)
breathing time, breathing spell.
fragrance (noun)
aroma, fragrance, redolence, cachet, bouquet, musk, scent, essence, incense, perfume.
hint, suggestion (noun)
dash, shade, whisper, streak, suspicion.
life (noun)
odor (noun)
malodorousness, effluvium, smell, stink, stench, odor, whiff, exhalation, nose, trail, emanation, fumes.
pause (noun)
pause, slow down, rest, stop.
respiration (noun)
sigh, exhalation, inhalation, pant, breathing, inspiration, expiration, gasp.
respite, break (noun)
blow, breather, rest, breathing space, pause.
wind or something in the air (noun)
flutter, smell, aroma, whiff, odor, puff, sigh.

Other synonyms:

breathing, sigh, vital force, bronchial tube, bronchus, life force, divine spark, asphyxia, artificial respiration, bronchiole, bad breath. gasp, vitality, airway, whisker, pant, psyche, puff. semblance. blow, ghost, whisper, hair, streak. soul, shadow. inspiration. shade. gasp
Other relevant words:
hair, pant, soul, puff, stop, pause, breathing space, shade, semblance, body, breathing, intimation, dash, shadow, inspiration, psyche, inhalation, suspicion, blow, streak, breathing place, airway, breathing time, expiration, taste, breather, bronchus, flutter, artificial respiration, asphyxia, breathing spell, sigh, effluvium, rest, life force, ghost, bronchiole, divine spark, gasp, respiration, spirit, big, vital force, whisper, show, hint, vitality, whisker.

Usage examples for breath

  1. " This kiss shall last a full breath – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  2. She drew in her breath with a satisfied sound. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson