Synonyms for Paint:


layer, blanket, skin, membrane, plate, surface. canvas, airbrush, enamel, crepe paper, fixative, acrylic, chalk, easel, brush, crayon. Redraw, caricature, etch, rough out. bleach, blacken, redden, brighten, fade, respray. describe, profile, delineate, exemplify, set forth, define, pin down, set out. artifact (noun)
blusher (noun)
color (noun)
ink, pigment, tincture, spectrum, shade, complexion, color, stain, tone, hue, rainbow, dye, palette, tint.
cosmetics (noun)
covering (noun)
veneer, cover, overlay, varnish.
make up (noun)
cosmetic, makeup.
paint (noun)
blusher, rouge.
tinted covering (noun)
dye, pigment, varnish, veneer, rouge, cosmetic, makeup, acrylic, overlay, stain, color, enamel.


apply colored tint, often to make design (verb)
delineate, shade, cover, depict, sketch, brush, draw, tint.
color (verb)
dye, color, stain, ink, shade, tint.
draw (verb)
draw, render, doodle, illustrate, sketch, trace, depict.

Other synonyms:

membrane, blanket, skin, enamel, respray, surface, veneer, etch, Redraw, plate, layer. crayon, cover, redden, exemplify, overlay, varnish. define, bleach, brighten, caricature. pin down. profile. color
Other relevant words:
cover, enamel, fixative, layer, makeup, etch, rouge, airbrush, cosmetic, blanket, surface, plate, blusher, respray, set out, Redraw, easel, chalk, overlay, set forth, canvas, veneer, varnish, brush, redden, acrylic, delineate, color, crayon, define, describe, skin.

Usage examples for paint

  1. But I don't want to paint any such dreadful picture as that, and, of course, if you honestly love Richard, though you're the first woman that ever could- then enough said. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts