Synonyms for Ether:


empyrean (adjective)


the ionosphere, the biosphere, atmospheric, aerospace, ozone layer, ceiling, the ether, the air. antifreeze, agar, dry ice, defoliant, formalin, dynamite, colorant, gelignite, antioxidant. chemical (noun)
carbide, borax, Tetroxide, sulfide, chloride, benzoate, sulfate, acetone, monoxide, oxide, bisulfate, silicate, nitride, bisulfide, dioxide, nitrate, chlorate, ethyl, fulminate, disulfate, formaldehyde, chromate, carbonate, acetate, bromide, hydrocarbon, phosphate, methyl, chemical, salt, borate, cyanide, peroxide, hydride, alcohol, hydroxide, ammonia, bicarbonate, disulfide, ketone, fluoride, citrate, hydrate, iodide, carbon dioxide.
ether (noun)
Divinyl Ether, vinyl ether, ethoxyethane, aether, quintessence, Diethel Ether, ethyl ether.
gas (noun)
carbon monoxide, argon, xenon, neon, hydrogen, fume, atmosphere, oxygen, chlorine, tear gas, ethane, gas, ozone, natural gas, acetylene, vapor, rarefaction, butane, laughing gas, nitrogen, helium, nerve gas, methane, miasma.
heaven (noun)
climax, rhapsody, goshen, spire, zenith, azure, apex, glory, zion, immortality, eden, shangri-la, culmination, acme, nirvana, fairyland, mountaintop, eternity, pinnacle, stratosphere, heaven, afterworld, dreamland, land o'goshen, bliss, hereafter, joyfulness, paradise, happiness, everlastingness, canaan, ecstasy, wonderland, summit.
substance (noun)

Other synonyms:

defoliant, colorant, dry ice, antifreeze, gelignite, antioxidant, formalin. agar. dynamite. divinyl ether
Divinyl Ether.
Other relevant words:
formalin, Divinyl Ether, agar, antioxidant, ceiling, atmospheric, gelignite, ethoxyethane, ethyl ether, colorant, defoliant, dynamite, aether, vinyl ether, quintessence, aerospace, antifreeze.

Usage examples for ether

  1. It was she, all right, somewhere out in the ether reminding me.... – In the Dark by Ronal Kayser
  2. Whence this energy and this ether proceed is not the subject of physical analysis. – The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward