Synonyms for Circumstances:


finances, outlook, funds, prestige, property, assets, command, means, capital, standing, substance, class, position, Resources, footing, wealth, status, rank, sphere, terms, degree, estate, prosperity, worldly goods, income, state, niche. premise, environment, surroundings, features, life, frame of reference, change, background, milieu, setting, basis, ups and downs, grounds, facts, context, fluctuation, occasion, situation, order of the day, phase, case, bearings. never, absolutely not, by no means. circumstance (noun)
circumstances (noun)
luck, destiny, portion, cardinal points, Incidences, happenings, occurrences, instants, fortune, lot, conjunctures, milestones, episodes, fate, events, Bases, landmarks, occasions, moments, junctures.
conditions (noun)
environment, terms.
connection (noun)
environment (noun)
occurrences (noun)
Realities, incidents, news.
situations (noun)
Environments, standings, spots, Styles, posts, aspects, placements, scenes, layouts, statuses, sites, formations, dispositions, modes, locations, Stations, situations, Qualities, modalities, conditions, ambiences, configurations, positions, Properties, states, arrangements.
state (noun)
fate, lot, destiny, luck, portion, fortune.
state of affairs in one's life (noun)
degree, assets, prestige, prosperity, means, lot, worldly goods, sphere, Resources, standing, class, footing, substance, situation, status, state, property, capital, command, income, outlook, rank, position.

Other synonyms:

life. Other relevant words:
destiny, setting, situation, Resources, environment, wealth, luck, context, basis, terms, fortune, surroundings, milieu, position, class, lot, status, rank, means, fate, funds, facts, assets, portion, state, case, standing, life.

Usage examples for circumstances

  1. There was never a time, so far as he could see, when he would not have been ready to do the thing which he was ready to do that morning- given the circumstances – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher
  2. Under those circumstances what did Ulphilas do? – Humanly Speaking by Samuel McChord Crothers