Synonyms for Aggravation:


exaggeration, outrage, mood, asperity, rage, fury, anger. nuisance, trials and tribulations, irritant, issue, problem, worry, baggage, difficulty, burden, affliction, hardship. Besetment, contamination, pain, wreckage, degradation, rot, decay, plague, lapse, regression, perversion, descent, peeve, feelings. aggravation (noun)
exacerbation, virulence, trouble, disturbance, discomposure, bother, ire, provocation, irritation, petulance, inflammation, vexation, exasperation, resentment, indignation, pique, bedevilment, harassment, scorn, perturbation, arousal, enragement, annoyance.
annoyance (noun)
bother, affliction, worry, irritation, pain, vexation, difficulty, irksomeness, provocation, exasperation.
feeling (noun)
painfulness (noun)
distressfulness, irritation, bitterness, hurtfulness, cruelty, misery, uncomfortableness, woefulness, torment, anguish, acuteness, annoyingness, painfulness, grievousness, severity, torture, unpleasantness, soreness, ache, oppressiveness, arduousness, odiousness, offensiveness, agony, irksomeness.
worsening of a situation, (noun)
exaggeration, inflammation, exacerbation.

Other synonyms:

descent, lapse, Besetment, perversion, degradation, regression, rot, decay. wreckage, contamination, irritant, difficulty. nuisance, plague. wrath
Other relevant words:
difficulty, hardship, pain, nuisance, perversion, degradation, exaggeration, annoyance, anger, problem, mood, irritant, decay, rot, contamination, Besetment, affliction, wreckage, descent, regression, peeve, plague, lapse, worry.

Usage examples for aggravation

  1. " The discipline of the College," says President Quincy, in his History of Harvard University, " was enforced and sanctioned by daily visits of the tutors to the chambers of the students, fines, admonitions, confession in the hall, publicly asking pardon, degradation to the bottom of the class, striking the name from the College list, and expulsion, according to the nature and aggravation of the offence." – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall