Synonyms for Spirit:


air freshener, French Polish, cleanser, bleach, foam, abrasive, dishwashing liquid, borax, disinfectant, cleaner. vision, goddess, blasphemous, angelic, blessing, absolution, blasphemy, article of faith, bless, blaspheme. drink, dislodge, remove, take off, flush out, clear, take, extract, weed out, sweep away, get out. your inner self, tenor, sensation, emotion, undercurrent, humor, mood. chaser, double, meaning, belt, alcohol, cup, aperitif, dram, sense. dynamism, life force, breath, will, psyche, vital force, divine spark, aspiration, resolve, perseverance, vitality, body, determination, ambition, motivation. inclination, outlook, schtick, conduct, be, instinct, behavior, posture, human nature. haunt, bigfoot, centaur, Eidolon, Phantasma, spook, supernatural, bunyip, Bogle, creature, revenant, boogeyman, bogeyman, the Abominable Snowman, bogey, wraith, visitant. subtext, Gravamen, significance, denotation, usage, connotation, stuff, quintessence, thrust, root. vein, frame of mind, feelings, being, ghostly, doppelganger, dryad. esprit, oomph, pertness, ginger, bounce, dash, brio, lan, sparkle, peppiness, vivaciousness, action. gut, Braveness, valiance, fortitude, gutsiness, valor, fear, courage, gameness, valiantness, moxie, intrepidness, spunkiness, pluckiness, intrepidity, Doughtiness, undauntedness, pluck, fearlessness, stoutheartedness, gallantry, bravery, valiancy, dauntlessness, courageousness. attitude, climate. move, sneak, smuggle. action (noun)
dash, activity, vivacity, power, agility, vim.
ambition (noun)
zeal, eagerness, passion, drive, aspiration.
angel (noun)
cherub, archangel, guardian, Cherubim, Seraphim, angel, guide, daemon, guru, guardian angel, demon.
animation (noun)
esprit, pep, verve, excitement, bounce, dynamism, brio, fervor, zing, sprightliness, zip, action.
apparition (noun)
haunt, bogeyman, revenant, illusion, chimera, visitant.
ardor (noun)
bogey (noun)
bravery (noun)
character (noun)
courage (noun)
spunkiness, courageousness, pluckiness, moxie, heart, boldness, stoutheartedness, valiance, intrepidness, undauntedness, Doughtiness, intrepidity, courage.
energy (noun)
pep, effervescence, stamina, activity, vim, vigor, puissance, fervor, force, spunk, snap, drive, might, vivacity, zeal, strength, potency, spark, verve, fire, zip, energy, power, zing.
enthusiasm (noun)
evil spirit (noun)
dwarf, hellion, hellcat, satyr, siren, hell-raiser, Genie, imp, nymph, Nixie, lamia, fiend, dragon, sprite, goblin, freak, gnome, beast, sylph, archfiend, hell hound.
focus (noun)
center, rally, heart, essence, epitome, intersection, kernel, lure, marrow, funnel, crux, lodestar, polestar, magnet, rendezvous, nucleus, meat, plenum, crossing, gathering, bottleneck, soul, forum, axle, focus, hub, asymptote, core.
ghost (noun)
horror, succubus, phantom, ghost, illusion, specter, dracula, bugaboo, hobgoblin, werewolf, monster, vampire, Phantasm, nightmare, incubus, terror, bogey man, myth, frankenstein, ogre, ghoul, apparition, shadow, chimera, bugbear.
life (noun)
oomph (noun)
sense (noun)
soul (noun)
spirit (noun)
heart, shadow, smell, feeling, sparkle, frame of mind, essence, animation, life, look, spirit up, motivation, apparition, meaning, sprightliness, tone, zest, psyche, boldness, ardor, emotional state, flavour, oomph, soul, intent, vision, liveliness, Phantasm, phantom, gameness, tenor, sprite, spook, will, humor, mood, inspirit, force, purport, stoutheartedness, life force, wraith, fire, breath, sense, courage, vitality, disembodied spirit, flavor, outlook, energy, specter, enthusiasm, vigor, resolve, earnestness, feel, Eidolon, dauntlessness.
state of mind (noun)
vigor (noun)
industriousness, enthusiasm, gusto, Ardency, fervency, exuberance, agility, friskiness, passion, earnestness, relish, liveliness, eagerness, zest, animation, agitation, lustiness, excitement, sprightliness.
wraith (noun)

Other synonyms:

Bogle, ginger, gameness, vivaciousness, bogeyman, Eidolon, mood, oomph, intrepidness, ambition, vital force, outlook, divine spark, stoutheartedness, courage, brio, valiantness, Doughtiness, revenant, peppiness, Phantasma, human nature, climate, courageousness, valiance, pluckiness, gutsiness, undauntedness, bogey, spunkiness, Gravamen, fearlessness, life force, dauntlessness, valiancy, Braveness, moxie. gut, behavior, frame of mind, stuff, vision, intrepidity, pertness, wraith, sparkle, gallantry, visitant, fortitude, esprit, schtick, bravery, psyche, posture. inclination, smuggle, breath, sneak. root. conduct, vein, humor. core
Other relevant words:
mood, dash, inspirit, vitality, wraith, psyche, quintessence, Phantasma, spook, life, Eidolon, humor, feeling, revenant, disembodied spirit, spirit up, sparkle.

Usage examples for spirit

  1. I thought of you alone- your spirit hungry.... – She Buildeth Her House by Will Comfort
  2. If you can work again there, peace will come to your spirit – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie