Synonyms for Child:


young (adjective)


child prodigy, boomerang kid. kin, joker, dumb blond, maniac, Moppet, bairn, youth, numpty, bud, lump, clown, fool, airhead, tot. mother's boy, firstborn, law, kids, niece, nephew. naive, doormat, weed, lackey, paper tiger, zero, pygmy, softie, knowledge, chameleon, worm, yes-man. progeny, scion. angel (noun)
babe (noun)
little one.
boy (noun)
papoose, foster child, progeny, tad, grandchild, teenager, cherub, imp, Moppet, chick, whippersnapper, preteen, adolescent, Youngling, cub, youth, little one, teeny-bopper, kiddie, tot, whelp, nymphet, stepchild, daughter, mite, son, brat, chit, preschooler, pubescent.
child (noun)
nipper, fry, kid, nestling, tike, small fry, minor, youngster, tiddler, tyke, shaver.
person (noun)
nipper, fry, kid, nestling, tike, small fry, minor, youngster, tiddler, tyke, shaver.
posterity (noun)
lineage, successor, fruit, Family, posterity, offspring, issue, descendant.
very young person (noun)
kid, descendant, small fry, newborn, cub, pubescent, issue, infant, nipper, imp, progeny, baby, youth, cherub, chick, whippersnapper, preteen, minor, urchin, shaver, adolescent, toddler, juvenile, sprout, stripling, little one, kiddie, nestling, tyke, offspring, brat, Moppet, youngster, tot, teenager, innocent, mite, bairn.
young person (noun)
juvenile, kid.
youngster (noun)
youngster, girl, boy, lass, slip, toddler, juvenile, sapling, sprig, sprout, innocent, lad, infant, fledgling, urchin, baby, newborn, minor, waif, stripling, kid.
youth (noun)

Other synonyms:

imp, bairn, niece, firstborn, boomerang kid, Moppet, mother's boy, nephew, child prodigy, adolescent, preteen, teenager. progeny, youth. bud, son. naive, tot. descendant
female child
Other relevant words:
lump, chit, pubescent, knowledge, Youngling, pygmy, youth, bairn, airhead, law, baby, numpty, nephew, papoose, small fry, weed, firstborn, teenager, tike, kiddie, daughter, preschooler, shaver, cherub, nymphet, Moppet, doormat, lackey, worm, scion, softie, kin, son, kids, bud, tyke, fool, whippersnapper, nestling, tad, progeny, stepchild, tiddler, imp, naive, grandchild, little one, teeny-bopper, zero, fry, preteen, maniac, chick, niece, adolescent, nipper, clown, joker, brat, cub, chameleon, whelp, tot, mite.

Usage examples for child

  1. Like mother, like child – Between Whiles by Helen Hunt Jackson
  2. But the child said he had come out to find his father, and must go on. – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
  3. No, my child no! – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing