Synonyms for Young:


adolescent (adjective)
pubescent, teenage, growing.
all (adjective)
immature, new.
green (adjective)
immature (adjective)
girlish, ignorant, unlearned, new, infant, boyish, budding, early, blossoming, callow, undisciplined, youthful, inexperienced, growing, tender, junior, boylike, juvenile, blooming, newborn, childish, green, pubescent, puerile, fresh, little, adolescent, unripe, inferior, vernal, childlike, tenderfoot.
in the beginning (adjective)
juvenile (adjective)
childish, girlish, infantile, adolescent, junior, youthful, immature, juvenile.
new (adjective)
fashionable, Pioneering, latest, experimental, original, up-to-the-minute, innovative, revolutionary.
springlike (adjective)
well-kept (adjective)
young (adjective)
inexperienced, unripe, adolescent, callow, immature, childish, pubescent, child-like, puerile, teenage, youthful, blooming, junior, juvenile, boyish, girlish, green, fresh.


date, brood, well-preserved, kin, younger, age, fresh-faced, ageless, litter. calf, foal, colt, bullock, cub, filly, chick, fawn. youth culture. animal (noun)
animate beings that are not mature (noun)
brood, offspring, baby, litter.
inexperienced (noun)
naive, ignorant, expert, veteran, incompetent, undisciplined, tenderfoot, unlearned, inferior, untutored, subordinate.
person (noun)
Thomas Young, Edward Young, Brigham Young, Pres Young, Danton True Young, Loretta Young, Whitney Young, Lester Willis Young, Whitney Moore Young Jr., Cy Young.
young (noun)
little, schoolboyish, youth, youthful, early, junior, puppylike, puppyish, Whitney Moore Young Jr., boyish, newborn, Loretta Young, teenaged, baby, new, vulnerable, teen, immature, tender, preadolescent, Whitney Young, small, schoolgirlish, Cy Young, childlike, girlish, Brigham Young, vernal, adolescent, infant, Lester Willis Young, teenage, formative, offspring, Danton True Young, childly, Pres Young, Edward Young, Thomas Young, youngish, preteen, boylike, infantile.

Other synonyms:

budding, well-preserved, ageless, youth culture, younger. date, fresh-faced. litter. age. cy young
Cy Young.
lester willis young
Lester Willis Young.
Other relevant words:
little, offspring, growing, original, childlike, preteen, Thomas Young, vulnerable, ignorant, Brigham Young, vernal, fresh-faced, Danton True Young, Lester Willis Young, new, naive, litter, puppyish, newborn, undisciplined, formative, youth, ageless, Pres Young, puppylike, early, brood, tenderfoot, infant, teen, child, teenaged, Whitney Young, unlearned, childly, youngish, younger, preadolescent, small, baby, well-preserved, blossoming, Whitney Moore Young Jr., schoolboyish, boylike, Loretta Young, tender, schoolgirlish, budding, Edward Young, inferior, Cy Young.

Usage examples for young

  1. Your young lady don't think so. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. So- so that's why I ask, who is this young woman? – Apron-Strings by Eleanor Gates
  3. This way, young man. – Torchy by Sewell Ford