Synonyms for Sister:


congregation, ascetic, coreligionist, animism, cult, half sister, brethren, denomination, Baha'i. club, bureau, institution, associate, setup, special interest, authority, federation, structure, front, guild. honey, my man, bud, sugar, pardner. girlfriend, lady, ma'am, miss, sunshine, madam, girls. big, br, brotherly, fraternal twin, half-brother, conjoined twin, BRO. nurse, matron, nurse practitioner, lpn, practical nurse, rn, midwife, registered nurse, staff nurse. female sibling (noun)
kin, relative, relation.
friend (noun)
companion, co-worker, comrade, company, amigo, buddy, playmate, schoolmate, classmate, confidant, friend, chum, crony, partner, Familiar, pal, colleague, ally, roommate, intimate, teammate, acquaintance, fellow, cousin, mate.
kinship (noun)
fraternity, fatherhood, kin, heredity, blood, brotherhood, relation, sisterhood, consanguinity, kinfolk, mother, clan, lineage, paternity, Family, niece, flesh, aunt, relative, motherhood, uncle, ancestor, maternity, kinship, nephew.

Other synonyms:

pardner, nurse practitioner, rn, staff nurse, BRO, lpn, practical nurse, registered nurse. girlfriend, matron, bud, lady, honey. sugar. nurse. sibling
half sister.
Other relevant words:
coreligionist, brethren, animism, bureau, baby, institution, honey, club, front, registered nurse, brotherly, congregation, lady, sis, br, guild, setup, denomination, bud, girlfriend, sugar, midwife, authority, structure, federation, practical nurse, sunshine, miss, lpn, matron, BRO, big, cult, ascetic, nurse, related, pardner, girls, madam, associate.

Usage examples for sister

  1. You see, I'm going to marry your sister – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. And looking at her sister she asked: " Shall I ever be like that?" – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole