Synonyms for Burden:


offer, expense, rate, cost, outlay, worth, fee, package. millstone, inconvenience, trials and tribulations, nuisance, problem, baggage, strain, duty, imposition, responsibility, disturbance. necessity, struggle, mare, chore, over, heavy, impost, a tall order, haul, the impossible, task, the elephant in the room. let down, embarrass, bring up against, cross, plague, count against, hold back, throttle. impedimenta, tax, dead weight, headache. must, imperative, need, obligation, commitment. lade, cumber. adversity (noun)
ordeal, misery, grief, difficulty, tragedy, rainy day, trouble, poorness, affliction, distress, calamity, poverty, misfortune, adversity, trial, destitution, agony, torment, dolor, bad luck, casualty, bane, blight, hard luck, woe, misadventure, infliction, hardship, mishap, contretemps, disaster, catastrophe, hard times, peril, tribulation, curse.
burden (noun)
weight, encumbrance, charge, burthen, incumbrance, core, essence, loading, load, effect, saddle, weight down, gist, onus.
cognition (noun)
load, onus, encumbrance, incumbrance.
contents (noun)
lading, contents, shipment, cargo, load, stowage, freight, payload.
duty (noun)
hindrance (noun)
frustration, impasse, stoppage, resistance, deterrent, entrapment, obstruction, impedance, entanglement, congestion, hindrance, restriction, obstacle, disadvantage, restraint, hurdle, damper, impediment, blockage, blockade, interruption, opposition, constraint, complication, barrier, bafflement, constipation, inhibition.
mental weight; stress (noun)
misfortune, clog, onus, encumbrance, trouble, mishap, strain, responsibility, tax, affliction, difficulty, hardship, duty, obstruction, charge, trial, punishment, hindrance, millstone, task, load.
obligation (noun)
penalty (noun)
forfeiture, encumbrance, retribution, judgment, penalty, abatement, punishment, correction, deduction, premium, chastisement.
punishment (noun)
incarceration, persecution, imprisonment, castigation, payment, crucifixion, execution, reprisal, confinement, verdict, price, revenge.


communication (verb)
saddle, charge.
contact (verb)
weight, weight down, burthen.
encumber, strain (verb)
handicap, hinder, afflict, cumber, impede, hamper, encumber, lade, try.
penalize (verb)
encumber, correct, discount, chastise, penalize, fine, forfeit, Retribute, judge, handicap, punish, abate, deduct, discipline, drawback.
punish (verb)
imprison, avenge, confine, chasten, afflict, execute, anguish, lambaste, reprise, agonize, incarcerate, torture, castigate, pillory, try, persecute, crucify, Keelhaul, sentence.

Other synonyms:

necessity, package, mare, cumber, nuisance, embarrass, impedimenta, task, duty, count against, struggle, bring up against. inconvenience, responsibility, dead weight, problem, must, impost, strain, baggage, disturbance, tax. imperative, headache, millstone, commitment, lade, throttle, hold back, let down. plague. need, haul. cross. necessity
Other relevant words:
lade, saddle, cross, duty, weight down, weight, cumber, task, charge, burthen, cargo, strain, responsibility, tax, dead weight, onus, incumbrance.

Usage examples for burden

  1. For some weeks past, this sad state of things has been a burden on my mind. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. " Would that he might soon be relieved of the last half of his burden – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. And if I had I couldn't be a burden on them. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)