Synonyms for Fire:


luminosity, pyre, burner, central heating, air, ac, holocaust, hearth, dehumidifier, air conditioning, scintillation, boiler, flare up, bonfire, air conditioner, convector, air-conditioned, incandescence. cannonade, report, frame of mind, burst, bombing, detonation, bombardment, salvo, temper, gunfire, curtain, shooting, spray, explosion, undercurrent, heart, shot, mood, volley, your inner self, sensation, barrage, fusillade. demand, ask, probe, interrogate, pick someone's brains, inquire, put to, dash, question, put someone on the spot, interview. grind, go, cycle, cut out, ignite, idle, engagement, burst into flame, backfire. hot, wildfire, firestorm, spontaneous combustion. pay off, ease out, pink slip, pension off, give someone notice, lay off, retire, feelings. fight, zealousness, open up, load, fire off, concern, let off, aim. exchange, crossfire, brilliancy, drive-by, friendly fire, radiance, cover, fire fight, brilliance. good, inspiration, genius. animation, vigor (noun)
light, radiance, vivacity, fervor, exhilaration, ardor, passion, pep, verve, sparkle, zeal, enthusiasm, vim, zing, spirit, snap, zip, drive, fervency, force, punch, excitement, dash, energy, eagerness.
barrage of projectiles (noun)
crossfire, cannonade, bombardment, salvo, fusillade, explosion, bombing, volley, attack.
burning (noun)
flare, hearth, heat, blaze, holocaust, luminosity, incandescence, scintillation, pyre, glow, warmth, bonfire.
energy (noun)
puissance, zip, stamina, vigor, spunk, strength, potency, pep, effervescence, activity, vim, verve, fervor, vivacity, zeal, energy, snap, zing, spirit, might.
enthusiasm (noun)
eagerness, enthusiasm, ardor.
excitement (noun)
attentiveness, disquietude, fervency, exhilaration, electrification, passion, turbulence, stimulation, anxiety, feverishness, arousal, agitation, furor, excitement, inflammation, Ardency, animation.
fire (noun)
burn down, kindle, ardor, discharge, fervency, firing, enkindle, flak, burn, elicit, fervidness, force out, fervour, fervor, give the axe, can, arouse, sack, ardour, flack, flaming, dismiss, give notice, open fire, terminate, provoke, send away, flame, evoke, raise, attack, fuel, blast.
heat (noun)
calefaction, warmth, Torridness, temperature, fever.
life (noun)
light source (noun)
floodlight, jack-o'-lantern, flashlight, candle, flare, Illuminator, moonbeam, klieg light, light bulb, beacon, mercury-vapor lamp, neon light, star, spotlight, Tungsten lamp, pilot light, headlight, fluorescent light, torch, oil lamp, table lamp, arc lamp, taper, floor lamp, flame, searchlight, light, desk light, sun, lamp, incandescent light, street lamp, moon, lantern.
motivation (noun)
motive (noun)
facilitation, catalyst, fomentation, provocation, induction, impulsion, motive, fermentation, magnetism, enticement, compulsion, propulsion, goading, prompting.
on fire (noun)
oven (noun)
pottery (noun)
kiln, pottery, potter, knead, slip, china clay, potter's wheel, ceramics.
ruin (noun)


cause to burn (verb)
ignite, kindle, enkindle.
competition (verb)
discharge, open fire.
detonate or throw a weapon (verb)
fling, launch, let off, heave, discharge, pitch, cast, hurl, shoot, toss.
dismiss from responsibility (verb)
can, sack, terminate, pink slip, lay off.
energize (verb)
drive, energize, force, activate, invigorate, recharge, power, rouse, revive, empower, spark, charge.
excite (verb)
arouse, agitate, excite, disturb, stimulate, disquiet, inflame, animate, exhilarate, Impassion, electrify.
excite, arouse (verb)
rouse, inspire, provoke, Impassion, animate, electrify, inflame.
heat (verb)
broil, cook, parboil, scorch, burn, fry, warm, bake, simmer, boil, sear, stew, heat, grill, char, barbecue, parch, singe, swelter, roast, braise, scald, poach, toast.
light (verb)
fluoresce, spot, flash, glint, gleam, flood, beam, glitter, illuminate, incandesce, glow, blaze, scintillate, radiate, shine, sparkle.
motivate (verb)
entice, ferment, foment, instigate, poke, jog, magnetize, provoke, hurtle, jerk, nudge, prompt, induce, knock, punch, motivate, encourage, trigger, inspire, bump, hasten, strike, urge, jostle, shoot, move, jolt.
propel (verb)
chuck, bunt, goad, toss, propel, throw, butt, compel, pelt, thrust, fling, shunt, launch, cast, lob, precipitate, heave, push, prod, shove, sling, ram, hurl, flick, project, catapult, pitch, bowl, cant, impel.

Other synonyms:

brilliancy, bombardment, pink slip, fire fight, wildfire, spontaneous combustion, zealousness, gunfire, friendly fire, brilliance, bonfire, ease out, pyre, drive-by. cycle, luminosity, fire off, firestorm, crossfire, radiance, backfire, ignite, salvo, shooting. grind, pay off, burst, inspiration. engagement, flare up, dash, genius. idle, let off. open up. exchange, load. shot. lay off. fight, go. cover. barrage
lay off
pay off.
kiln, pottery, potter, knead, slip, china clay, potter's wheel, ceramics.
send off
set on fire
Other relevant words:
enkindle, fervidness, go, can, kiln, ignite, kindle, discharge, hot, shooting, dismiss, fire off, firing, gunfire, sack.

Usage examples for fire

  1. We went through two or three rooms, all lighted up and empty- the Duke sending a page to fetch M. Barillon out of the Queen's private closet where he was talking with her- into a little chamber that looked out upon the court, where there was a fire lighted. – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. Hand in hand, they sat down together by the fire – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. Gibbons asked when they had sat down by the fire – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty