Synonyms for Lamp:


light (adjective)
floor, bronze, gas, clay, vase, table, pottery, iron, night, bracket, incandescent, safety, terra cotta, gasoline, domestic, arc, torchiere, hanging, street, portable, chandelier, Gaselier, standing, brass, bridge, glass, halogen, vapor, electric, gooseneck, temple, oil.


eeg, defibrillator, ecg, drip, balloon, electrocardiograph, ekg, electrocardiogram, drain, catheter. candlestick, candelabra, Chinese Lantern, Japanese lantern, gaslight. nightlight, sodium, hurricane lamp. eye (noun)
lantern (noun)
gaslight, hurricane lamp, torch, beacon, searchlight, flashlight, light.
light (noun)
sun, torch.
light source (noun)
jack-o'-lantern, table lamp, klieg light, flare, moon, headlight, fire, light bulb, Illuminator, light, lantern, arc lamp, Tungsten lamp, mercury-vapor lamp, fluorescent light, floodlight, moonbeam, star, flashlight, taper, searchlight, desk light, neon light, flame, incandescent light, spotlight, floor lamp, beacon, candle, street lamp, pilot light, sun, oil lamp, torch.

Other synonyms:

hurricane lamp, nightlight. sodium. Other relevant words:
halogen, catheter, candelabra, candlestick, Gaselier, electrocardiograph, clay, chandelier, eeg, street, electrocardiogram, pottery, incandescent, gas, gooseneck, gasoline, hurricane lamp, bridge, ekg, torchiere, ecg, safety, night, brass, defibrillator, iron, temple, oil, vase, nightlight, arc, electric, portable, table, balloon, glass, vapor, drip, bracket, floor, drain, domestic, standing, gaslight, sodium, hanging, bronze.

Usage examples for lamp

  1. R63843. The lamp and the bell. – U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1950 January - June by U.S. Copyright Office
  2. The lamp stood on the floor outside. – In Wild Rose Time by Amanda M. Douglas
  3. There was a great Argand lamp in one corner. – Madame Delphine by George W. Cable