Synonyms for Sun:


asteroid, source of light, dark matter, great luminary, the Big Dipper, Day-star, solar disk, giver of light, lamp of the day, antimatter, apollo, eye of heaven, cosmic dust, black hole, cluster, light of the day, comet, sol, celestial object, constellation, solar orb. sunburned, SPF, overexpose, bask, sun cream, sunburn, burn, lay out. incident ray, lamplight, candlelight, ray, glow, the light, gaslight. sat, saturday, mon, date, M, monday, fri, friday. light (noun)
sunshine, taper, lantern, beacon, torch, ray, candle, lamp.
light source (noun)
candle, flame, floodlight, light bulb, oil lamp, fire, pilot light, flashlight, neon light, jack-o'-lantern, Illuminator, spotlight, arc lamp, klieg light, headlight, moon, star, beacon, lantern, floor lamp, taper, desk light, incandescent light, moonbeam, light, searchlight, fluorescent light, lamp, mercury-vapor lamp, Tungsten lamp, street lamp, torch, flare, table lamp.
sun (noun)
lord's day, bask, sol, sunlight, solarise, sunshine, sunbathe, star, flare, solarize, insolate, sunday.


bask (verb)
body (verb)
heat (verb)
glow, fire, flame.

Other synonyms:

friday, lamplight, incident ray, monday, candlelight, SPF, sunburned, mon, saturday, fri, sun cream. sat, gaslight, overexpose. ray. lay out. date, glow. M. burn. Sunday

Usage examples for sun

  1. " They say there's nothing new under the sun – When Egypt Went Broke by Holman Day
  2. " I don't mind the sun Mr. Fyles," said Helen coldly. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  3. The sun has just set. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker