Synonyms for Retire:


brain drain, move out, lie, sleep, move, immigrate, migrate, relocate, emigrate, decamp, resettle. step down, stand-down, hand in your notice/resignation, step aside, give/hand in (your) notice. catch, eliminate, rescind, foul, bat, scrap, ground out, HIT, baulk, fly, bunt, double, revoke, balk. quit, get away, captaincy, captain, split, bench, shove off, draft, get off, commissioner, take off, go, pull out, blow, push off, draft in, go away, run, call up, exit, approach, cut out, depart. deactivate, cannibalize, flash, awareness, crash, immobilize, cut, flip off, flick, flop, disable, break. forward. retire (noun)
go to sleep, go to bed, recede, hit the hay, get into bed, adjourn, put out, withdraw, sack out, fall back, turn in, kip down, hit the sack, pension off, crawl in.


emotion (verb)
leave (verb)
step down.
leave a place or responsibility (verb)
go, exit, go to sleep, fall back, withdraw, recede, go to bed, get off, turn in, go away, revoke, surrender, part, regress, get away, depart, decamp, resign, secede, pull out, take off, relinquish, separate, hit the sack, rescind.
repose (verb)
nap, lounge, rest, relax, repose.
resign (verb)
disclaim, reject, surrender, renounce, abdicate, vacate, resign, withdraw, accept, relinquish, cease, discontinue, terminate, abandon.
social (verb)
withdraw (verb)

Other synonyms:

immigrate, move out, get up, resettle, brain drain, lay up, sit-up, ease out, early bird, relocate, emigrate, keep up, lie in, abed. lay off, decamp, migrate, stand-down. move, depart, pay off, quit. leave. crash. flop, blow, run, split. go. depart
go away, move out, get away, get off, shove off, emigrate.
fall back
fall back.
go to bed
go to bed, turn in.
step down.
turn in
go to sleep.
ease out.

Usage examples for retire

  1. In a year I can retire you've brought me luck! – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  2. It would come so near the ship that it might be touched with a pole; but if any one stirred, it would immediately retire – The Romance of Natural History, Second Series by Philip Henry Gosse
  3. Kindly allow me to retire by the way I came. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson