Synonyms for Cup:


aperitif, double, booze, belt, chaser, dram, alcohol. jersey, jock, athletic supporter, leotard, shin guard, shin pad, jockstrap, kit. balloon, band, ball, circle, coil, crescent, bubble, bulge. bed, bite, batch, consumption, crumb, C, bowlful, cake. schooner, snifter, flute. drink, drop, beverage, pick-me-up, potion, refreshments, infusion, nectar. bronze, gong, gold, bronze medal, gold medal, medal, blue-ribbon. bosom, curve, bust, falsies, boob, cleavage. card, challenge, bye, contest, close season, the Commonwealth Games, championship, clash. grip, clutch, grasp, hang on, hold tight, cradle, hold on, keep hold of something, carry, grab. athletic supporter (noun)
cone (noun)
funnel, pyramid, coronet, cone.
container (noun)
purse, bladder, bucket, receptacle, reservoir, drawer, suitcase, belly, pouch, basket, barrel, case, sack, repository, bottle, holder, flask, jar, cabinet, chest, locker, vault, cupboard, decanter, bowl, shelf, container, jug, wallet, cask, crate, drum, closet, tank, box, trunk, bin, storage, can, bag, ladle, vat, stomach, tray, pocket.
container for drinking (noun)
chalice, beaker, stein, tumbler, taster, grail, goblet, cannikin, drink, teacup, bowl, cupful, demitasse, vessel, mug, potion.
cup (noun)
cupful, jigger, demitasse, chalice, loving cup, wineglass, tankard, coffee cup, glass, mug, beaker, tumbler, transfuse, goblet, shot glass, stein, teacup.
golf (noun)
birdie, caddy, bogie, bogey, bunker, backswing, ace.
grail (noun)
head (noun)
liquid measure (noun)
pint, quart, gill, gallon.
mug (noun)
cannikin, coffee, measuring, ale, pannikin, chocolate, standard, mustache, gourd, soup, noggin, vessel, bouillon, bumper, taster, jorum, porringer, grail, cream soup.
trophy (noun)
crown, prize, keepsake, remembrance, garland, plaque, testimonial, favor, ribbon, wreath, monument, laurel, palm, commemoration, trophy, souvenir, treasure, memorabilia, memento, memorial, catch, marker.
volume (noun)
tablespoon, teaspoon, hogshead, peck, ounce, magnum, bushel, gallon, milliliter, cord, liter, pint, volume, centiliter, decaliter, gill, quart, finger.


body (verb)

Other synonyms:

bronze medal, gold medal, chaser, aperitif, grail, the Commonwealth Games, shin guard, athletic supporter, dram, jockstrap, alcohol, shin pad, falsies, flute, leotard, medal, snifter. gourd, bosom, gong, jersey, schooner, bye, jock, close season, booze, cleavage. blue-ribbon, drink, bronze, boob, championship, kit, belt. gold. curve, double, challenge, bust. clash. card. Other relevant words:
bogie, schooner, flute, soup, carry, ace, booze, bite, bed, bulge, crumb, clash, bowlful, measuring, birdie, bogey, ale, crescent, coffee, bronze, leotard, bye, bunker, caddy, grab, chocolate, alcohol, gold, grail, taster, vessel, clutch, consumption, circle, dram, C, porringer, drop, noggin, potion, balloon, gourd, cleavage, bumper, belt, refreshments, drink, boob, double, mustache, falsies, cradle, medal, bosom, standard, transfuse, grip, loving cup, gong, cupful, beverage, grasp, championship, cannikin, cake, ball, pick-me-up, contest, pannikin, jersey, curve, batch, kit, athletic supporter, jockstrap, coil, band, nectar, aperitif, challenge, bubble, snifter, chaser, bouillon, backswing, bust, jock, jorum, infusion, card.

Usage examples for cup

  1. Then show your cup and claim your right, and none will dispute it with you." – Hero-Myths & Legends of the British Race by Maud Isabel Ebbutt
  2. " Have another cup of tea, mother. – The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
  3. Shall I give you a cup of tea? – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton