Synonyms for Given:


all (adjective)
apt (adjective)
assumed (adjective)
given (adjective)
paid, allotted, Imparted, Ascribed, Attributed, Provided, Awarded, assigned, Bequeathed, furnished, pledged, Showered, endowed, rationed, Doled, bestowed, expended, Rendered, Offered, dispensed, Disbursed, sent, granted, liable, Delivered, Allowed, Supplied, lent, presented, shared, Consigned, Lavished, Submitted, Contributed, Tendered, donated, Served.
offered (adjective)
Quoted, Submitted, Issued, extended, Offered, Imparted, invited, presented, granted, Rendered.


This, Whenever, then, all, when, sometime, here, last, before, Until. by virtue of something, in view of something, on account of, due to, owing to, Whereas, likely, Because, liable, in light of something. per se, (all) by itself, specific, on that/this score, exactly, for someone's part, specifically, particular. conventional/received/traditional wisdom, the honest truth, veracity, actuality, verity, truth, objectivity, substance, fact, the gospel truth. cognition (noun)
precondition, presumption.
given (noun)
presumption, surrendered, precondition, acknowledged, presented, granted, conferred, donated, bestowed, relinquished.
granted (noun)
Communicated, Remitted, conveyed, doled out, handed out, disposed of, Transferred, released, subscribed, Ceded, Yielded.


allotted (verb)
divided, allotted, apportioned, allocated, measured, budgeted, rationed, Parceled, split, Meted, Portioned, distributed, shared, segmented, cut, set, Earmarked, partitioned, assigned, dispensed, Allowed, sliced.
gave (verb)
paid, Served, Ascribed, pledged, expended, lent, Awarded, Showered, sent, Helped, Bequeathed, Contributed, Disbursed, funded, Lavished, donated, Delivered, Consigned, Provided, Doled, furnished, devoted, Supplied, Attributed, assisted.
offered (verb)
Issued, Offered, Approached, presented, bid, extended, Cited, Gave, Tendered, bestowed, Rendered, Quoted, attempted, invited, advanced, granted, endowed, Bidden, Dealt, Submitted, Imparted.
rewarded (verb)
Lured, tipped, compensated, honored, Tempted, Rewarded, treated, induced, remunerated, sweetened, Enticed.

Other synonyms:

per se, owing to, due to. specifically, Because. exactly, specific. liable, particular. likely.

Usage examples for given

  1. After all, you are given this opportunity. – Fortitude by Hugh Walpole
  2. I mean that she might have given her away. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  3. Everything we are and have will be given – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various