Synonyms for Honored:


distinguished (adjective)
highly regarded.
observed (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
respected (adjective)
important, dignified, venerated, well-known, privileged, noble, esteemed, recognized, reputable, highly regarded, revered, distinguished, eminent, celebrated, decorated.


commendable, heroic, enviable, praiseworthy, awesome, admirable, noteworthy, awe-inspiring. forceful, self-assured, proud, self-possessed, confident, assertive, self-confident, bold. honored (noun)
reputable, worthy, honoured, prestigious, esteemed.


celebrated (verb)
Frolicked, Caroused, hallowed, made merry, celebrated, glorified, Enjoyed, Saluted, Inaugurated, venerated, Reveled, Trumpeted, Lauded, Feted, Cheered, Commemorated, proclaimed, Praised, jubilated, Memorialized, Exulted, partied, hailed, Rejoiced, acclaimed, observed, Solemnized.
prided (verb)
Gloried, Prided, Boasted.
respected (verb)
esteemed, respected, deferred, admired, Regarded, revered.
rewarded (verb)
sweetened, granted, Lured, Rewarded, treated, tipped, remunerated, Awarded, Enticed, Tempted, Gave, induced, paid, compensated, given.

Other synonyms:

important, distinguished. renowned
Other relevant words:
awesome, bold, worthy, distinguished, self-assured, reputable, well-known, honoured, famous, decorated, praiseworthy, self-confident, noteworthy, noble, reversed, admirable, eminent, proud, confident, highly regarded, forceful, assertive, dignified, commendable, self-possessed, privileged, recognized, important, enviable, awe-inspiring, heroic, prestigious.

Usage examples for honored

  1. The next day Cameron was honored by a special call from Squire Leech, who left an invitation for the young collegian to take tea with him the following afternoon. – Herbert Carter's Legacy by Horatio Alger
  2. He wasn't afraid to face anything, and he honored his wife by acting as if she wasn't afraid either." – Taken Alive by E. P. Roe
  3. In contrast, I saw a certain humble " home" far away in America, where two old ladies were ending their lives surrounded by loving friends and relations, honored and cherished and guarded tenderly from the rude world. – Worldly Ways and Byways by Eliot Gregory