Synonyms for Give away:


show, offer, make no secret of something, express yourself, voice, surrender, render. offload, present, bestow, spill the beans, let (it) slip, leak, award, tell, lay something bare. help, hand over, part with, yield, lavish, hand. roll over, go down, bomb out of, lose, concede, go out, submit, appease. bridal party, bachelor party, best man, bachelorette party, bride, banns, betrothal, betrothed, bridal, bridal shower. give away (noun)
reveal, let on, divulge, give out, impart, rat, discover, peach, tell on, bring out, hand out, disclose, betray, break, shop, denounce, let out, expose, distribute, snitch, stag, grass.


reveal (verb)
expose, discover, tell, divulge, disclose, let out, leak, betray.
unselfishly transfer (verb)
bestow, award, hand out, present.

Other synonyms:

appease, bomb out of, offload, offer, tell. roll over. go out, leak. concede, surrender, show, lose, submit. go down. blab
peach, let out.
hand out
give out.
Other relevant words:
present, tell, part with, hand over, submit, show, award, surrender, spill the beans, bestow, leak, yield, render.