Synonyms for Hand:


edge, merit, privilege, advantage, benefit, hook, grip, virtue, palm, fin, fist, trump card, good, incentive, grasp, asset. game, part with, hand over, round, lavish, cards. career woman, originally, designated hitter, apparatchik, directly, commuter, duty officer, desk person, cowboy, breadwinner, original, ancillary. applause, calf, big toe, ball, clubfoot, arm, appendage, arch, ovation, praise, plaudit, ankle, armpit. bellow, cluck, assist, succor, relief, catcall, abetment, buzz, boo, Bronx Cheer, clap, BRRR, support, assistance, grunt. dismount, workman, Workwoman, bareback, canter, work, roustabout, workingwoman, Workingman, equestrian, gallop, break in, groom, working girl, operative, bridle. dealer, bid, full house, respect, facet, angle, frame of reference, flush, phase, aspect, grand slam, regard, dummy, call, side, light, perspective. flank, crewman, captain, docker, company, bosun, cap'n, place, buccaneer, boatswain, crew, boatman. field hand, farmhand, cowhand, transmit, cowpoke, cattleman, dirt farmer, hand down, cowgirl, buckaroo, farmer, bequeath. crabbed, handwritten, illiterate, Graphology, longhand, cursive, decipher, calligraphy. led, crystal, movement, minute hand, fob, lcd, face, dial, hour hand. ability (noun)
skill, ability, knack, control.
appendage at end of human arm, (noun)
fist, hook, mitt, paw, palm, grasp, grip, fin.
applause (noun)
ovation, praise.
body (noun)
mitt, paw, manus.
fin (noun)
fist (noun)
hand (noun)
handwriting, pass, deal, reach, paw, manus, bridge player, hired man, helping hand, hired hand, mitt, turn over, script, give, pass on.
handwriting (noun)
script, calligraphy, penmanship, longhand.
help (noun)
service, contribution, cooperation, buddy system, a good/bad turn.
help, aid (noun)
control, guidance, support, assistance, knack, ability, skill, succor, relief, instruction.
person who does labor (noun)
employee, laborer, operative, worker, roustabout, help, helper, aide.
round of applause (noun)
clap, ovation.
roustabout (noun)
workman, Workwoman, working girl.
servant (noun)
chattel, helper, junior, volunteer, flunky, subordinate, laborer, assistant, menial, henchman, employee, lieutenant, underling, helping hand, servant, pawn, subject, help, agent, peon, worker, vassal, aide, serf, aid, aide-de-camp, auxiliary, deputy, helpmate.
support (noun)


aid (verb)
instruction, support, guidance.
possession (verb)
pass on, give, pass, reach, turn over.

Other synonyms:

fist, part with, calligraphy, Workingman, Graphology, longhand, abetment, hour hand, frame of reference, handwritten, minute hand, workingwoman, Workwoman, cursive, working girl. dealer, ovation, side, applause, crabbed, lcd, lavish, workman, roustabout, facet, flank, succor, full house, led, grand slam, assistance. phase, decipher, illiterate, plaudit, transmit. fob. dial, aspect, crystal, flush, relief. dummy. bid. movement. light. face. call. cowhand
buddy system, contribution, service, cooperation.
pass on.
turn over
turn over.
Other relevant words:
flank, reach, side, applause, fist, pass, palm, workman, script, give, grasp, turn over, hand over, paw, handwriting, assist.

Usage examples for hand

  1. Hand shaking will be dispensed with. – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  2. But to use her own words, that was not the point in hand – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner