Synonyms for Let:


lent (adjective)
permitted (adjective)


put through, open up, carry, qualify, lubricate, encourage, help along. closing, br, balloon mortgage, blockbusting, appraise, approbate, O.K., bath, bridge loan, building society, appraisal. push around, intromit, order, enter, dictate, order around, command, tell, require, boss around, tax with, instruct. I'm easy, never mind, it's someone's loss, Whenever, good luck to someone, it's/that's OK, see if I care, for all someone knows/cares, wherever, please yourself. remortgage, exchange contracts, sublease. do you want something?, how would you like...?, shall. let (noun)
countenance, have, net ball, get, permit, allow, rent, lease.


allow (verb)
authorize, license, approve, tolerate, permit, endorse, have, concede, sanction.
consent (verb)
condone, assent, endorse, ratify, acquiesce, allow, consent, approve, sanction, concur, accept.
consented (verb)
Allowed, sanctioned, Condoned, Concurred, approved, endorsed, Assented, ratified, Consented, Acquiesced, accepted.
lend (verb)
contribute, lend, mortgage, lease, pawn, advance, sublet, loan.
lent (verb)
Loaned, mortgaged, advanced, Pawned, lent, leased, Contributed.
permit (verb)
bless, enfranchise, permit, concede, release, authorize, tolerate, license.
permitted (verb)
blessed, enfranchised, permitted, conceded, released, authorized, Tolerated, licensed.
rent out object, property (verb)
sublease, sublet, lease.

Other synonyms:

remortgage, encourage, approbate, qualify, less, IFF. open up, lubricate, And, put through. minus. O.K.. power, peak. plus, carry. agree
sublet, sublease.
let out.

Usage examples for let

  1. To let them all see ... – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  2. Let them take me, let them do what they will with me. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. And so he let her go. – The Indian Drum by William MacHarg Edwin Balmer