Synonyms for Demise:


closure, withdrawal. live, curtain, death toll, bereavement, mortality, morbidity, rest, death throes, death rate. death (noun)
parting, release, decease, quietus, rest, extinction, dissolution, passing, fatality, annihilation.
demise (noun)
death, dying.
fate, usually death (noun)
ending, termination, decease, end, passing, quietus, dissolution, dying, extinction, expiration, annihilation.
leaving (noun)
time (noun)
death, dying.

Other synonyms:

death toll, morbidity, mortality, bereavement, death rate. curtain, death throes. Other relevant words:
closure, morbidity, mortality, rest, dying, curtain, bereavement.

Usage examples for demise

  1. Should the young heir prove sickly, what speculations on his demise – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  2. Right feeling is shown by considering such points, and making for the demise of others even more preparation than for our own. – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore
  3. The girl's share of the property would, at her demise intestate, go to the state. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White