Synonyms for Denied:


confuted (adjective)
silenced, Abrogated, repudiated, conflicting, disputed, Refuted, Disproved, Disavowed, Abnegated, Challenged, Contradicted, invalidated.
excluded (adjective)
proscribed, Excommunicated, Amputated, Eliminated, Blackballed, blacklisted, Renounced, Disallowed, Banished, Extradited, Excluded, Disbarred, Excised, Ostracized, rejected, forbidden, Eradicated, Expatriated, barred, Ejected, Expelled, Evicted, Relegated, removed, banned, repudiated, Deported, prohibited, Exiled.
prohibited (adjective)
controlled, constrained, forbidden, disapproved, Refused, outlawed, restrained, restricted, blocked, Curtailed, prohibited, banned, barred, Precluded, suppressed, rejected, Disallowed.
refused (adjective)
Declined, dismissed, Renounced, rejected, Repulsed, disinclined, Refused, repudiated.
rejected (adjective)
Eliminated, checked, scrapped, discarded, Disallowed, deep-sixed, rejected, junked, abandoned, Excised, Trashed, barred, Snipped, Excluded, chopped, shed, jettisoned, Disclaimed, Blackballed, disapproved, blacklisted, cut, jilted.


annulled (verb)
extinguished, withdrawn, destroyed, disaffirmed, Refuted, Canceled, negated, neutralized, Deleted, dismissed, Effaced, Eradicated, Annulled, Vetoed, Revoked, obliterated, Abolished, Withdrew, invalidated, undone, repudiated, Undid, nullified, divorced, dissolved.
confuted (verb)
Rejoined, Conflicted, Confuted, Repealed, Rebutted.
denied (verb)
disproved (verb)
opposed, Parried, Belied, Contravened, overturned, Subverted.
excluded (verb)
ignored, Forbade, Ousted, Boycotted, disqualified.
negated (verb)
counterbalanced, inverted, reversed.
prohibited (verb)
curbed, inhibited, Prevented, oppressed.
refused (verb)
Disdained, Disagreed.
rejected (verb)
sheared, Emitted, Excreted, Sniped, Belched, scraped, Oppugned, shedded, cropped, discharged, Ejaculated, drained, Ejected, clipped, Disgorged, erupted, lopped, vented, exhausted, evacuated, Curtailed, Secreted, Exuded, Spewed, Culled, seeped, Vomited.
renounced (verb)
deserted, backslid, Renounced, Disavowed, Abnegated, Betrayed, crossed, defected, Abdicated, retracted.
responded (verb)
Echoed, Retorted, justified, Responded, Defended, Returned, Replied, acknowledged, reacted, Explained, Objected, Expounded, Answered.

Other synonyms:

rejected, Refused.
disapproved, discarded, dismissed, disputed, ignored, invalidated, overturned, rejected, repudiated, Belied, Declined, Disdained, Disproved, Excluded, Refused, Refuted, Renounced, Repulsed, Confuted, negated.

Usage examples for Denied

  1. Moreover, though she would have denied it even to herself, the younger girl had come to occupy a far larger share of her heart than had even been given to the self- reliant Jemima. – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  2. He could have remained silent, or denied it. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  3. Whenever he did any thing wrong, he never ran to his father and mother to tell them of it; but when they asked him about it, he denied it, and said he had not done the things which he had done. – The Little Dog Trusty; The Orange Man; and the Cherry Orchard; Being the Tenth Part of Early Lessons (1801) by Maria Edgeworth