Synonyms for How:


in what way or manner (adverb)
whence, whereby, wherewith, from what source, to what degree, by virtue of what, through what medium, after what precedent, by what method, by what means, by whose help.


kindly, anyway, in what manner, through what medium, what has/will become of, where has someone/something gotten to?, by what method, by virtue of what, what (has) happened to something, just, by what means, do with, wherewith, to what degree, according to what specifications, whence, keep, from what source, after what precedent, whereby, by whose help, what's gotten into someone?. how (noun)

Other synonyms:

whereby. do with. kindly. keep, just. anyway. Other relevant words:
keep, from what source, wherewith, by virtue of what, after what precedent, by what method, just, anyway, through what medium, whence, to what degree, by whose help, whereby, in what manner, by what means, kindly.

Usage examples for how

  1. How do you know that, Mr. Macruadh? – What's Mine's Mine V1 by George MacDonald
  2. How the man star'd! – A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  3. " I do not see how I said. – Daisy by Elizabeth Wetherell