Synonyms for Perhaps:


possibly (adverb)
maybe, conceivably, imaginably, possibly, perchance, reasonably, feasibly, potentially, luckily.
probably (adverb)


possibly (adverb)
maybe, conceivably, imaginably, perchance, peradventure, potentially, feasibly, possibly, luckily.


bingo, about, What, fair, conservative, some, speculative, reasonably, around. presumably, certain, rumor/word/legend has it that, I dare say, reportedly, it/that depends, not that I'm aware of, I would think/imagine/hope etc., hum. where has someone/something gotten to?, what has/will become of, how, do with, anyway, what's gotten into someone?, kindly, what (has) happened to something, keep, just. in my humble opinion, as/so far as I'm concerned, personally, to my mind, to my way of thinking, if you ask me, frankly, if you want my advice/opinion. seem, excuse me, pardon, I would prefer it if, if I may say (so), pardon me, hope, do you mind?. perhaps (noun)
peradventure, perchance, maybe, possibly.

Other synonyms:

bingo, presumably, What, some, reportedly, speculative, fair. conservative, seem, frankly. about, hum, around. hope, personally. pardon. Other relevant words:
fair, bingo, hum, What, around, reasonably, peradventure, anyway, conservative, frankly, kindly, about, certain, how, keep, reportedly, presumably, seem, personally, speculative, some, pardon, hope, just.

Usage examples for perhaps

  1. I should say that you have seen some one like me, perhaps – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
  2. Perhaps on the other hand, it doesn't. – Non-combatants and Others by Rose Macaulay
  3. Perhaps we had better be going. – The Professor's Mystery by Wells Hastings Brian Hooker