Synonyms for Get into:


absence, drop out, entrance, absenteeism, audit, board, attendance, enrollment, attend. land, appear, reach. do with, kindly, just, how, what (has) happened to something, what's gotten into someone?, what has/will become of, keep, anyway, where has someone/something gotten to?. debate, consult, clear the air, canvass, negotiate, discuss, talk, consider, argue, talk through. dive in, start on, set about, start, go to, get around to, begin, get down to. involve, join in, take part (in something), join, enter into, get in on, engage in, sit in on, DO. stand for, represent, campaign, sweep to/from power, run, stand, hold. go in for, love, get, enjoy, revel in, delight in, have your fun, like, drink in, take/find pleasure in (doing) something. rise to, hold against, see red, mind, go off at the deep end, fly into a temper/rage, lose your cool, snap, lose it, lose your temper (with). get into (noun)
enter, get in, don, put on, go in, go into, tangle with, come in, wear, assume, move into.


absorb (verb)
associate (verb)
get in on, join.
embrace (verb)
go in for, involve.
enter (verb)
set about, begin, start.
stative (verb)
tangle with.
wear (verb)
put on, don.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
join, get.